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  1. docup!

    2021 F450 Time line

    Thank you for the update
  2. docup!

    2021 F450 Time line

    Can I pls check for movement on this I believe it is out of production or should be. Thanks in advance and happy turkey day vin is 1FT8W4DT1MEC18647
  3. docup!

    2021 F450 Time line

    Thank you Cyberdman - would love to see how they build them. I'm in the supply chain business have seen a few other manufacturers plants just a great process. does KTP offer a show and tell or tours? do all super duties come down the same line?
  4. Hi I'm looking for any information on my F450 VIN 1FT8W4DT1MEC18647 thank you in advance....
  5. docup!

    F450 stock tire

    I have seen where Ford was looking at a different supplier for 2021 tires on the F450/F550 over the Continental HS3 (f450). Can anyone confirm?
  6. Any news on the 2021 SD production in KTP it should have started yesterday?
  7. docup!

    Vinyl Flooring Question

    I have the upgrade to Premium Vinyl on my 17 F350 Platinum and it does have the posts for the mat to clip in on both sides (not the back) I can not speak for the lower trim versions. Great option will get it every time going forward
  8. From my understanding the current and past F450 does not have TPMS for the truck itself, but you can get it for the trailer. I believe it is due to the wheels on the F450. Any word on the 2021 having this option or a different wheel option that it would work on other than the 19.5?
  9. I have a 2014 Exp that the paint is just pealing up not due to rust or damage. While under the 36K warranty I informed Ford (documented) and they did nothing. I'm now under the Ext Ford warranty and it is happening in many places. Would this be covered?
  10. We did a little on the inside by adding in some carbon fiber. I think it came out great-
  11. docup!

    Locking the drive mode

    I like the concept of the memorizer, but to spend $280.00 on a simple memory retainer for a $96,000.00 SUV just seems wrong
  12. docup!

    Locking the drive mode

    Good point on the seat Memory, but tried that along with programming the key on the display.... no luck
  13. docup!

    Locking the drive mode

    That does not make any sense, maybe I can change that in FORscan. Does anyone know that?
  14. Just got the 18 Nav and having a hard time finding out how to lock the drive mode to the setting I want. It works fine when I set it and drive but It always goes back to Normal on start up. Any suggestions.
  15. Sorry misspoke thought it was black plastic you were trying to get the wax off. Have you tried a final polish with a blue buffing pad or Mothers fine polish. The diamond polish from mothers with a orange pad would be the extreme