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  1. campingnut

    Gas Tank FILL Problems

    I have seen a plugged vapour canistor cause this problem as it when not let the air escape as you fill the tank
  2. campingnut


    The bumpers are completely different locking but it does look like the same frame mounting points.
  3. campingnut

    Panoramic Roof

    We have broken 2 on our 2016 because of rock chips.
  4. campingnut

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    My 2017 F350 SRW 4x4 short box platinum has a payload rating of 3324 lbs with most options except the fx4 option
  5. campingnut

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    All depends on the options ordered as an example a limited will have less payload than and xlt. A 4x4 will have less than a 4x2, and so on I can check my door sticker if you like for a platinum if you like
  6. campingnut

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    Yes standard is 11500, I believe the other GVWR is for different licensing in some of the states
  7. campingnut

    2009 Edge ABS Light on

    Not sure on the Edge but usually they are mounted together close to the master cylinder. The bad news is chances are that it is not a connection problem but you can try it never hurts.
  8. campingnut

    2017 F250 or 2017 F350?

    Yes I have to agree with the above post 28K will be way to much for a srw f350. Try and stay around 16000 for a srw.
  9. campingnut

    Weight sticker

    The gross vehicle weight number is the important one. What you should do is load up the vehicle and then go weigh it. Or you can go weigh the truck with a full tank of fuel and subtract that from your gross vehicle weight rating and that will give you your payload. That is the only way to now for sure.
  10. campingnut

    Weight sticker

    The door sticker is the legal one
  11. campingnut

    Spray in box liner

  12. campingnut

    Spray in box liner

    I like mine 2017 f350
  13. campingnut

    Spray in box liner

    The factory bed liner has been working great for me
  14. campingnut

    Sat Radio Reception, '17 Super Duty

    Reception is about the same as my last superduty a 2015 not great but not bad eitger
  15. I wish I could afford to do that with my new truck