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    The Handler reacted to J-150 in Autoextremist's DeLorenzo's assessment of Ford management....   
    I'd argue they've had terrible leadership for over 100 years. They have survived in spite of mismanagement purely on the product.
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    The Handler reacted to jpd80 in Autoextremist's DeLorenzo's assessment of Ford management....   
    Even back to HF1 and his need to micro manage a rapidly expanding Ford, he just couldn't let go and trust subordinates to do their job.
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    The Handler reacted to ice-capades in Autoextremist's DeLorenzo's assessment of Ford management....   
    Agreed but can't really be sure what Farley has really done other than getting himself promoted a lot. 
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    The Handler reacted to Sevensecondsuv in Joe Hinrichs "out" in leadership shakeup at Ford.   
    And again, who exactly is going to buy all these EVs? Obviously you can't ignore the segment, but EV sales history to date does not give me confidence that I should bet the company's future on EVs. They've been "the future that's going to take over next year" for the last 10 years. Yes invest in them enough that you're not caught flat footed if they do eventually take off, but by all means keep pumping resources and talent into ICE programs because that's what's going to pay the bills and dividends for the next several CEO cycles.
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    The Handler reacted to coupe3w in Joe Hinrichs "out" in leadership shakeup at Ford.   
    Same play, different day. If management new they had problems with the Explorer launch why did they let it happen. All this does is piss of the customer, bring more bad press to the company and they are all right with this? Haste makes waste, and this is just another example of it.
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    The Handler reacted to theoldwizard in Joe Hinrichs "out" in leadership shakeup at Ford.   
    You can read it that way.  You could also read it that
    Subordinates were not giving him the truth about launch readiness Superiors over-rode his warnings about launch readiness and then forced scheduled launches anyway Hinrich was well respected in the industry press, unlike Farley.  The group of middle level management retirees that I exchange mail with have already given Farley a "vote of no confidence" based on his total lack of experience in vehicle launches.
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    The Handler reacted to kyle in Autoextremist's DeLorenzo's assessment of Ford management....   
    As a Ford loyalist it is painful to watch this play out and much of this blame should be directed at Bill Ford. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to see the similarities between Ford Motor Company and the Lions-both run by people that by all accounts are in over their head and going in the opposite direction of where they need to be. How the hell do the Lions go 9-7-fire their coach because it was not good enough and then two short years later win 3 games and the coach/GM keeps their jobs. Same story here with Hackett-and while I agree now might not be the time to make changes at the top, if this continues it needs to happen. And the sad part is, Ford's senior management team seems willfully un-prepared and over-matched.  I would feel differently if Mark Reuss was on the bench instead of Farley. Hate having the top 2 spots being run by sales/marketing guys instead of someone with a manufacturing/engineering background. 
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    The Handler reacted to jpd80 in Joe Hinrichs "out" in leadership shakeup at Ford.   
    Jim Hackett's plans are now a dumpster fire, the only way he can get 10% return is to kill a lot of Ford's production,
    he is sweating on Mexico being Ford's salvation and maybe it will be but I have a feeling that the three pillars of
    Jim Hackett's plans for Ford's future may be "dry wells" that require ongoing funding. Mobility is a giant loss maker,
    Autonomous Vehicles have referred to commercial applications,  BEVs are being marketed as a lifestyle choice with
    a high premium attached, that is both self limiting and a defensive play. So once all the money is spent on electrification,
    the only BEVs are MME,  Mid-sized crossovers, BEV F150, and Rivkah based SUV, all way more expensive than MME.
    Sorry, I just see Ford as it's always been relying on F Series and full sized SUVs to bring in the cash and everything else
    barely covering development and manufacturing costs. The BEVs will be there but don't expect them to add much to
    the bottom line. It is my understanding that Hackett's plans originated as a wish list that Bill Ford want Fields to execute
    so that's why Hackett will not be moved on by the board, Bill Ford wants this but it makes no business sense today........
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    The Handler reacted to grbeck in Full year Profits Plunge $3.6B, Slower Sales/Pension   
    But isn't that a big part of the problem? We're seeing a deluge of new Ford vehicles and drivetrains now because there was a drought - particularly of the former - for several years. That is where REGULAR updates to vehicles, as opposed to letting everything but the F-Series stay past its sell-by date, would be helpful.
    And it's not as though Honda and Toyota have been sitting still. How many revamps of the CR-V did we witness while Ford kept the previous-generation Escape on the market? How many times was the Civic redone while Ford kept offering the same Focus (let alone stick with that terrible automatic transmission!)?
    And some of this is basic vehicle manufacturing. The adoption of new drivetrains or new platforms, for example, is no excuse for shipping Explorers without parts or with sloppily aligned exterior panels.
    The Explorer is a critical new product. It's a very attractive product that has real presence on the road. But this is the kind of stuff that makes people stick with boring, awkward-looking Toyotas. Or encourages them to try out one of those new Hyundais or Kias.
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    The Handler got a reaction from falconlover 1 in Full year Profits Plunge $3.6B, Slower Sales/Pension   
    I hope they replace him with Galhotra.
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    The Handler reacted to blwnsmoke in Genesis GV80   
    I love this pic of it.

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    The Handler reacted to SoonerLS in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    The gov't had nothing to do with switching from crank starting to electric starters; the free market did that all on its own. The same thing happened with backup cameras--those were around for years (and lots of people bought them) before someone decided to force them into all new cars.
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    The Handler reacted to probowler in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    Cool motive, still don't like the NHSTA.  Seriously, how deep does this rabbit hole go? I'm tired of this never ending safety argument that only results in the government mandating more and more rules and technologies which increase vehicle cost and complexity with marginal safety gains.

    Seatbelts, backup cameras, automatic breaking, blah blah blah.... Thanks but no thanks.  I'll take dangerous freedom over your "safe" authoritarianism all day ✌️
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    The Handler reacted to probowler in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    Yes, I have driven a car before; blind spots are a thing.  Strange that despite the presence of such a danger...zone, no child has ever sat behind my car.
    What a stupid rule for something that maybe happens 100 times a year?  If that. Honestly at this point, we're just upsetting natural selection.  Cars have gotten along just fine without cameras for over a hundred years.
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    The Handler reacted to probowler in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    Oh yeah, surprise. I also like backup cameras and would have probably optioned one (looks like I have no choice now heh) when the Bronco comes out. I imagine it would be pretty useful on and off road. 
    Unpopular opinion but mandating other people have airbags and wear seatbelts won't make society better, you're just helping stupid people survive and reproduce.  Idiocracy anyone?? 
    Protect yourself, make smart choices, and let the Neanderthals die off i say. 
    Wooo, I am way too hung over for this serious of a debate! I'm going back to bed. Merry Christmas all! 
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    The Handler reacted to probowler in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    Wait... What???  Do you seriously think electric starters wouldn't exist without government? I need you to clarify, because it sounds like your implying that without government regulations, no one would have desired the convenience of an electric starter.
    You seem to have an incredibly poor understanding of capitalism and the role of government in this country.  I know it was just an example, but you need to realize how terrible that example was.
    Backup cameras existed before this regulation made them mandatory... Because they're an awesome invention that people love.  The free market provided this, not the NHSTA. 
    Many people desire safety and technology, and that demand drives innovation, not the government. 
    If you want a backup camera, awesome! I'm certainly not going to stop you; Just don't force others to buy them and don't make cars more expensive for it
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    The Handler reacted to snooter in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    I am in the camp rear view cams are needed, personally would not buy a car without rear cam or BLIS...i dont like cafe or the epa mandates...want both gone..free market and consumer choice needs to dictate and not some commie in washington or my local university/school forcing that crap on vehicles
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    The Handler reacted to Assimilator in Explorer misses top safety mark   
    I don't know where the rumors are coming from suggesting the Explorer was delayed or cancelled during development and then restarted under Hackett.  Part of the CD6 program was cancelled, but the Explorer and Aviator have been on schedule from the start.  It was one of Field's first projects, he wanted a platform for Lincoln and this was it...until it wasn't.
    I don't think CD6 is well suited for the duty it ended up getting, the priorities are out of step with a family hauler (terrible rear seat and cargo packaging), but I don't mind if Ford takes a different path with an emphasis on excellent driving dynamics and less on family utility. 
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    The Handler reacted to T-dubz in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    ford’s strategy of pursuing higher ATP’s doesn’t seem to work well with what Hackett is saying here. If you want me to pay more for a vehicle, I better be getting more and I better be getting the vehicle built how I want it, not limited to some predetermined option packages put together by the bean counters.
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    The Handler reacted to Assimilator in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    Allot of the de-contenting is in areas like this, where you don't notice it.  To me it's the worst part of the process, it makes the cars lower-quality with no reduction in cost to the consumer.  
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    The Handler reacted to Deanh in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    decontenting will  only save trivial amounts...going to take new, cheaper lineups...ie the baby truck being released. This subject mirrors what I have said all along...you cant just continually raise pricing and rave about ATPs, the higher the price of a vehicle the smaller the market and the bigger the dependence on leasing programs, leaving out some frivolous features and saving maybe $1000 from MSRP wont solve this issue. So, it will come down to what features are deemed necessary in a more basic lineup...Ill be curious how this pans out...
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    The Handler reacted to Assimilator in Hackett's remedy for sticker shock   
    You can keep features while cutting costs through lean design, Tesla is particularly good at this.  They've significantly reduced part count costs through software and a single user interface.  You just have to be onboard with touching the screen instead of using buttons.  Tesla doesn't even use a rain sensors, it uses the camera and AI.
    The 2019 Escape is a pretty good example of emergency cost cutting that did not benefit the customer's Botton line.  They redesigned the LED taillights to a single halogen bulb, eliminated the steering wheel paddles and CD player, and cut some of the standard equipment on Titanium, and actually made the car more expensive by reducing incentives and leasing residuals.  That's mainly what drove sales down for Escape, although Hackett explained it as customer prep for a more expensive 2020 Escape.  That's partly true, but I'm sure it had more to do with diminished margins in that segment.
    Until Mach E, I was complaining about Ford's lack of new amenities in their all-new products, I'm hoping we get back to a Ford that is less about removing stuff and more about adding stuff (like the Mullally years).  I've been watching some reviews of the latest Hyundai Sonata and it's weird and annoying that I'm envious of their clever toys. 
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    The Handler reacted to probowler in 2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban   
    That silver abomination looks like what happens when you frankenstein a lift onto something that was never designed to be a hardcore off-roader. It reminds me a lot of the Excursion actually, if you've ever seen one lifted... it just looks odd!

    I kind of like the interior, though I don't like the implementation of the passenger tv sets.
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    The Handler reacted to akirby in Ford workers break their silence on faulty transmissions: 'My hands are dirty. I feel horrible'   
    Big difference between advertising to assist someone dealing with an insurance claim and practically begging them to fake injuries to get money they don’t deserve.  The ads say things like “big trucks have big insurance policies so if you’ve been hit you can get a big check”.  And we all know how they use chiropractors and doctors.  It’s completely unethical.  If someone needs an attorney they’re easy to find.
    Same with class action lawyers that take frivolous lawsuits in the hope that one of them will pay off.  Most end up with the attorneys getting millions and the plaintiffs getting peanuts.
    I have no issue with attorneys taking legitimate cases.
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    The Handler reacted to ANTAUS in Ford Nearly Completes Car Purge   
    Yes, the crossover craze will probably be more profitable but not offering a sedan, or low cost "vehicle", doesn't introduce someone to the brand that will later buy something bigger and profitable. Let's see how this plays out next few years.
    Last time I remember a purge like this was, I think 96-97-98, something like Mark8, Aerostar, Tbird, Cougar, Probe, Aspire, if I remember correctly.