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  1. Would you say that screen in the Bronco is the same size as in the F150? To me, they look as if they have the same width, but the Bronco one looks shorter in height. Could just be a trick of the camera, but it definitely looks a little smaller in the Bronco. Perhaps it's because the Bronco's one is slightly inset?
  2. Twin Turbo

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Yes, I'd love to know if there are any changes to the rest of the '21MY Mustangs.......or if its just new colors plus the Mach 1 being added. Thanks again, really appreciate your input
  3. Twin Turbo

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    That's great info, thank you! I can't recall a time when the new Mustang model year started production in the same calendar year. This makes the '20MY a very long one!
  4. Twin Turbo

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Can I ask a potentially silly question? The latest list shows Mustang production for 8/10/2020 and 8/24/2020....and shows these as the '20MY. As far as I know, at least from what this article shows, Flat Rock will be down for a week from August 3rd for the Summer shutdown. Doesn't this usually coincide when the new model year switchover occurs? So my assumption (which is probably wrong!) is that '21MY production would start from August 10th. But that obviously doesn't fit with the dates above. Any light you can shed would be appreciated, thank you! https://fordauthority.com/2020/06/ford-assembly-plants-trim-summer-shutdown-schedule-after-covid-19-closures/ Ford Chicago Assembly Plant: June 29th Ford Louisville Assembly Plant: June 29th Ford Kentucky Truck Plant: June 29th Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant: August 3rd
  5. Anyway........... Spied on the streets https://fordauthority.com/2020/06/mustang-mach-1-prototype-spied-with-bullitt-interior-elements/?fbclid=IwAR3CLYReQV7GGzU2uruND36U_J7vS7X4fIyNdLQ-Oa62oaSbQ6RrWQO-hrc#foobox-8/0/2021-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Spy-Shots-Exterior-June-2020-004.jpg
  6. If a production Mustang was ever going to get twin turbos, it would probably have been the GT500, but as we know that went with a tried and tested supercharger. Mach1 has never been boosted......it's always been a n/a car and I don't expect that to change. Mach 1 will not tread on GT500's toes. It'll sit in the line-up somewhere along the lines of the Bullitt and GT350, both of which are gone for '21MY. The twin circular "intakes" could be spot lights.......but I hope not, lights in the grille worked for the S197's retro vibe, but don't work on the more modern S550 (in my opinion). They could just be intakes, like the '12/'13 Boss 302 had (well, they had covers which could be removed). I'm hoping for/expecting a n/a 5.0 with around 500hp........hopefully with the optional 10-speed auto or the GT350's Tremec manual. A mix of PP2/GT350 suspension/brakes and that sprinkle with Mach 1 stripes/hood blackout/unique seat trim etc.
  7. Twin Turbo

    Edge ST Line

    Should be ST "Lite"..........all the looks, without the power It's certainly a popular trim here in the UK (well, not on the Edge, as we don't get that anymore). One thing though......isn't it rather late to be showing this as a '20MY? Surely makes more sense as a '21MY?
  8. Twin Turbo

    Task for today/ F150

    Have they been sitting on these photographs? Those trees look rather bare! EDIT - ignore me.....this clearly was an earlier photo, not one with the lettering on the back as per the thread! [/img]
  9. Twin Turbo

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    I still wonder if this rendering was "planted". It was on the website that showed the Mach E renderings........the designs that made it and those that didn't.......go to "Sketches" and it's half way down the page. http://mustang-mach-e.fordpresskits.com/?p=pictures It definitely says "Mach E" on the title, but Mach E was never going to be a 2-door coupe and that's definitely what this sketch is. Open the grille (as opposed to the blanked off EV version) and that would make a nice S650. Its not that far from the current S550 design.
  10. Targeting May 18th.... https://www.wsj.com/articles/detroit-car-makers-target-may-18-u-s-restart-date-11588026203?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1
  11. Twin Turbo

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    That all makes sense. One thing though, seems S550 is going to last 8 years ('15MY to '22MY) with a pretty major facelift at the 4th model year ('18) and potentially a minor one for '21MY. I still think CD6 being limited to just Explorer/Aviator is a missed opportunity though. Ford finally has a decent RWD architecture that could have given us a magnificent all new Continental and potentially a Lincoln coupe. Lincoln design is on top form at the moment and it seems a shame to limit it to SUVs. But that's another subject for another day. Looking forward to seeing those first S650 mules and prototypes
  12. Twin Turbo

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    That's great info, thank you ExplorerDude...........and your description makes me excited to see S650. If it launches as a '23MY, I'm guessing we should see the first mules late this year/very early next? As it'll be very close to S550, I assume they could be hiding in plane sight by using the current production car (S197 to S550 was a bit more obvious in terms of trying to hide the new styling). With regards the chassis/architecture.......it'll be interesting to see if they continue to call it D5 (thank you for correcting me there) as I guess this means there are 6 (not 5) platforms/architectures going forwards
  13. Twin Turbo

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    I get where you're coming from........I'm sure there's a lot of S550 in CD6 (I recall one publication took a peek under the concept Aviator and said the rear suspension looked almost identical to the current S550). At what point though, does a reworked D2C/S550 become a CD6? I guess we'll only know "for sure" when the '23MY Mustang launches. Surely Ford would be proud to claim S650 is, effectively using the CD6 architecture? Otherwise all we'll have is internet conjecture as to what makes up its bones.
  14. Twin Turbo

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    It's been stated here that the Mustang hybrid would be a V8.........and even I suggested making it the Mach 1 would tie the two Machs together under the "electrification" banner. There does seem to be a lot of guess work on the timeline of the next gen cars though. The leaked VIN document indicates S650 is coming as a '23MY, although we still don't know if this is moving to CD6 or just being a reworked S550 platform. Most now seem to think the latter. That then ties into the rumors a year or so ago that an "all new" Mustang wasn't coming until about the '27/'28MY. Perhaps that makes sense now if a "true" CD6 Mustang isn't coming until an 8th generation car. Autocar's render....
  15. Take one Bullitt Add a little (500hp) spice to the engine Add the GT350's Tremec 6-speed / 10-speed auto Add in some GT350/PP2 brakes/suspension Sprinkle with unique wheels, a choice of colors (including some hi-impact) Garnish with a black stripes on the hood and rockers :)