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  1. Exactly this. Mustang (to me) has always been a car to aspire to. Something cool, something special. Practical? Not really, although it's relatively practical compared to many other sporty cars. I'm lucky enough to have two....an S197 that is may absolute pride and joy and is kept immaculate. It's only ever driven for fun......for Mustang meets and cruises. I never take it to the store. Every drive is special. THAT to me is what Mustang is about. About four years ago, I bought an older SN95 for daily driver duties.That one does everything and I accept it'll get door dings and the like. But, I'm a family man and we have two kids and a dog. For carting them about we have a Kuga (Escape). Primarily my wife's car, but it's the "do it all" car we need. Would I swap all of them for a Mustang that does it all? Nope. Not for a second. I agree slapping the Mustang name on a selection of cars will just dilute it. Before last weekend, if you said you had a Mustang, the reaction was "cool". It won't take long for that coolness to be non-existent when Mustang might as well mean mini-van.
  2. So, Ford slap the Mustang name and pony badge on a whole bunch of other cars because the Mustang name is something "special". The specialness will wear off pretty quickly once they do that and all Ford will have done is sully their greatest icon. What they could have done it a 3 pronged approach to their ponies. The current lineup of S550 Mustangs, the Bronco and its new siblings and an all new looking pony for their electrified SUVs......perhaps Gelding.
  3. It's a shame you have to revert to name calling when people have a differing view to yourself. Personally, I'd rather see Mustang die than be turned into something completely different. But that's just my view.
  4. I appreciate the "real" Mustang isn't going anywhere. At least, not in the near future. . But Mustang has always been pony car. It invented a new segment in the market for goodness sake. A sporty 2+2 with a long hood and a short deck. Make a full EV version of that, just like the Lithium Mustang seen at SEMA. That's still 100% a Mustang in my book. What Mustang has never been is a 5 door "utility" vehicle. I'm sorry, but calling it Mustang is nothing but cynical marketing. This thing was never intended to be a Mustang until Jim Hackett saw a bland styling proposal and ordered a re-style. It was only at that point that someone had the idea of being "inspired" by Mustang. 55 years and 10 million sales. More enthusiast clubs than any other car. Loved and respected around the globe. I live and breathe Mustangs. I head up our local club branch. I administer several forums and Facebook pages. Mustang enthusiasts are passionate like no other. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out but for me, this is a very dark day in Mustang's history.
  5. Sorry Ford...........but no, just no.
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    Flatrock plant

    Its more like 10k units a month (circa 120k Mustang sales WORLDWIDE). If Camaro and Challenger die, Mustang will have the pony car market to itself again. I hope that doesn't happen, because competition improves the breed. I'm happy for Mustang to adapt to a changing pony car market like its always done. Hybrid or all electric? Bring it on. BUT.....keep it a pony car like its always been, with a long hood, short deck and 2+2 seating. Mustang never has been and never should be a 5-door 5-seat SUV. The recent Lithium concept at SEMA is where Ford should be heading with any "Mustang inspired" electric vehicle. If there aren't enough sales to justify a PROPER pony car, then let it die. But I think there's life left in the pony yet.
  7. That logo may mean nothing to you, but it means the world to me. Still, it appears others high up in Ford share your feelings, so at least you're in good company
  8. I cannot wait for the Coyote Hybrid Mustang. The all electric "Lithium" concept Mustang at SEMA has shown that the majority of Mustang enthusiasts (based on Facebook Group and Forum feedback) will welcome and support an electric Mustang........so a Coyote with electric assist is the best of both world. If this is done right I might.........might be able to forgive Ford for putting a pony badge on Mach E
  9. Mach E will sell in tiny numbers here in the UK and, I suspect, the rest of Europe. Fiesta, Focus and Kuga are the only decent sellers (apart from Transit, of course) in the UK. Unfortunately, UK buyers are badge snobs and will gravitate to BMW and Audi if they're spending "premium" money. You can sprinkle some Mustang magic on Mach E but that won't swing many buyers here.
  10. Good..........tail lights aside this doesn't look like a Mustang. It looks like pretty much every other SUV "coupe". But I still have a MASSIVE problem with them using the Pony logo. This shares ZERO DNA with Mustang (the SEMA Lithium show car.......THAT'S how you do a "Mustang inspired" electric car) PLEASE Ford......PLEASE......just use the Blue Oval logo on this.
  11. No massive numbers..........but certainly much better than its direct competition can muster!
  12. With regards the Mustang......do those sales figures include "rest of the world" sales? I think perhaps not......and I think that's an important aspect in keeping Mustang alive (aside the fact its one of it's iconic models). I believe you can add something like another 40-odd % to that total figure to include ALL sales. That being said, whilst the news of the all-new-Mustang to be built at FRAP is good news, Ford needs to keep Mustang fresh. After 3 years ('15-'17MY) we saw a heavy refresh for the '18MY. Here we are at the start of the 3rd model following that refresh and no sign of a second refresh for the '21 model year...........and no idea on timescales for the all new car (other than it will be delivered within the 4 years of the that UAW contact). I appreciate Ford have their hands full of new models soon-to-be-released, but I hope they give Mustang another boost before that all new model.
  13. As much as I rather have a V8................I'd much rather have this electric pony than a "Mustang Inspired" electric SUV. This one is worthy of the pony badge. Hoping the hybrid (V8 + electric assist) Mustang isn't too far away from going on sale. That'll be the best of both worlds!
  14. I read derivatives to be the likes of the hybrid...........but there's talk of Mustang becoming a brand so who knows! (for me, it needs to stick to the tried and tested pony car formula, but that's probably a discussion for another thread)
  15. Did they actually state 2023 for the all new Mustang though? I know the new UAW contract covers 4 years, so the all new Mustang would have to appear within that time frame, but I didn't see the year 2023 actually stated. Apologies if I've missed something......I'm merely trying to gather as much information as I can on the next-gen Mustang