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  1. OK, the UK market is, in relative terms, tiny. But when the S550 was launched here, sales were 60/40 in favour of the V8. By the time the '18 was launched, that became 90/10 in favour of the V8.......to the extent that Ford UK dropped the Ecoboost and the V8 is the only S550 you can buy now. That being said, I have no issue with a full EV Fastback or convertible. The engine never defined what a pony car was, it was the body style......a great looking, sleek 2+2 coupe or convertible with a long hood and a short deck. An EV Mustang can still be a pony car.
  2. And then they'll kill the Fiesta. Ford of Europe following the US's lead in killing "sedans". Great, so they'll selling nothing but SUVs and vans here 😞
  3. Twin Turbo

    Next Gen Mustang Tomorrow?

    Need has nothing to do with it. A Mustang is a purchase made with the heart, not the head. Nobody needs anything more than 4 cylinders in a car but plenty of people want 8 cylinders.
  4. Twin Turbo

    Next Gen Mustang Tomorrow?

    Absolutely this! And that was my point, doing a little more research, the 80/20 split in favour of the V8 was for early S550 sales here in the UK. By the time the '18+ facelift came out, it was 95/5 in favour of the V8.......and then the Ecoboost was dropped from the model line-up completely and the V8 is now all that's offered. Rightly or wrongly, people expect a V8 in their Mustang. It was what made it stand out from the rest. Customers would put up with the rest of the car's shortcomings (at least compared to its more expensive European rivals) because of it character, and much of that centres on the V8. Ford have already announced they will only sell EVs or hybrids in Europe from 2026. So, it's possible they will offer a pure ice V8 for 3 years, 2023 to 2026. If the V8 hybrid isn't a thing, then I suspect they will stop selling the Mustang over here completely after 2026. However, I'm still hopeful. You might have missed this snippet from an Australian article when a Ford Engineer, in Australia for the new Ranger launch had this to say: https://www.motor1.com/news/578055/ford-confirms-next-gen-mustang/ "While the V8 is sticking around, Jammoul indicates that Ford is cleaning up the engine's emissions. "What we need to do, though, is make the V8 more environmentally friendly and you need to make sure it’s regulatory compliant. And that’s absolutely something we have worked on and will certainly have in the next-generation Mustang," he told Wheels. This statement might fit with the rumors about the new Mustang's powertrain having hybrid assist" No, this doesn't confirm a V8 hybrid, but it does indicate Ford are doing whatever is necessary to keep the V8 alive in countries with strict emissions regs........and unless they're going to strangle the V8 in a 1970's style, I'd bet that means hybridization.
  5. Twin Turbo

    Next Gen Mustang Tomorrow?

    Well, of course Ford won't confirm or deny if the 5.0 hybrid was ever a thing. 99% of what is discussed here is speculation. But if they want to sell any V8s post 2025 in Europe, then it'd have to be a hybrid. And I'm sure the business case wouldn't stack up in order to sell just the Ecoboost over here.
  6. Twin Turbo

    Next Gen Mustang Tomorrow?

    I hope he's wrong, or S650 will be dead in the water as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Ecoboosts just didn't sell that well (here in the UK, 80% of sales were for the V8)...........so unless the V8 hybrid makes it over here, they may as well forget overseas sales
  7. Twin Turbo

    Maverick ST?

    Well, SVT doesn't exist anymore, so it'd be Ford Performance.
  8. Well, that may well be a self fulfilling prophecy as the current chip shortage has meant Flat Rock has been down for more than 2 months this year already. I suspect there will be even less S550s built this year than last
  9. Which would be it's 60th Anniversary. Although I'm intrigued by what they would announce on that date? I don't expect a full EV coupe until the 8th Gen/S750.......and the hybrid needs to come pretty soon after launch if Mustang is still to be sold to "rest of the world" markets, especially Europe. I too, expect it to debut before that. In fact, I'd expect a debut before the end of this year with first deliveries around April 17th 2023, if not earlier.
  10. In Europe, the Focus and Kuga interiors are pretty much identical. Here's the '22 Focus interior
  11. Twin Turbo

    AWD Mustang?

    Interesting first post. I assume you mean "real deal". Can you share more? 😀
  12. I'm betting the sports crossover will be called Capri. This also seems to indicate the Fiesta and Focus won't last beyond 2030
  13. My guess, testing a new intake. The only other time we've seen a similar setup to this was back in 2010/11 when they were testing the new Cobra Jet drag car. That introduced the unique Cobra Jet intake.
  14. Twin Turbo

    Ford To Split EV Unit?

    And how will CAFE rules be applied? Still across the entire range as it is now? Or will the rules be applied to each new division of the company. I can only assume the former, as with ever tightening rules, ICE would struggle.
  15. Twin Turbo

    AWD Mustang?

    The AWD Mustang rumors started when the Ford patent for a hybrid V8 design was published. This showed electric motors powering the front wheels.......so if paired with a RWD V8 Mustang, it'd be effectively AWD. The Mach E is already available with AWD, but Ford will not produce an I4/PHEV version of the Mach E.......as it's a dedicated EV platform.