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    Mach e prototype on the streets

    That's a good question! I'm a Mustang enthusiast (fan boy) and would have no intention of buying this car. Teslas don't interest me either. If I wanted or needed a more practical Mustang......well, I wouldn't, I'd have the Mustang as the fun car and another more versatile car as well (actually, I own 2 Mustangs, one garage queen, one daily driver and a Kuga (Escape) for family/dog hauling duties). I don't want my Mustang to be more practical. I like what it stands for as it is. I would imagine the majority of potential Mach E owners will be those cross shopping Teslas and/or other hybrid "SUVs".......but it'll be interesting to see. What will also be interesting to see is if/when a Mach E turns up at a Mustang meet. Or would they? Would a Mach E owner care about the previous 55 years of Mustangs?
  2. '74 was the only year the II was not available with a V8. And there's less Pinto in it than there is Falcon in the '65 I'm not claiming it was a great car. Far from it. But it was as good as most of its peers (although arguably, Pontiac was the only true "muscle car" left in the mid-late 70's with the Firebird/Trans-Am). Anyway, about that Mustang inspired SUV......
  3. Agreed...........and I think that design would have been ideal for Mach E (as a 5-door, obviously).
  4. Interesting article around a new "Icon Group"....... I have a LOT of time for Dave Pericak.. Dave Pericak, director of enterprise product line management – Ford Icons, said during an interview that the Icon product team’s objective, is to maintain the love affair customers already have with iconic vehicles such as Ford Mustang, Bronco and Raptor. “This is a legacy,” Pericak said during a conversation with reporters at the Dream Cruise where he was surrounded by Mustangs. “These vehicles are the face of the Ford Motor Co.” https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2019/08/ford-readying-for-mustang-inspired-suv-as-it-leans-on-icons/
  5. I'm a big fan of the Mustang II. It was absolutely the right car for the right time. If I recall correctly, the '74 model year is the 3rd bestselling (after '65 & '66) in Mustang's history. Sure, it looks a little goofy now, but 99% of US cars from that era are a far cry from the beauties of the 60's. And, Mustang II was still a sporty rear wheel drive coupe, with a short tail and a long nose and ('74 MY aside) still available with a V8. So, that Mustang DNA was still strong
  6. Whilst I was really hoping the new Mach 1 would be a 5.2 cross plane crank, normally aspirated V8................I wouldn't be against them using the Mach 1 name for the hybrid.........just so long as that's a 5.0 V8 hybrid!
  7. F150 Raptor Ranger Raptor Explorer ST Edge ST Focus RS (we still get it in the UK) Focus ST (ditto) Fiesta ST (ditto) The point is, Ford has a long and proud performance heritage and Mustang is just one part of that. Maybe I'll change my tune when Mach E finally hits the streets. Maybe I'll understand what the Mustang connection is.
  8. Ford (Performance) has plenty of high performance cars...........and they don't seem to need to stick ponies on non-Mustangs
  9. That would work for me (just don't use the Mustang name)..........a 3rd horse would work
  10. I'm with pffan1990.........using the Mustang name and/or pony logo does not sit well with me either. Mach-E shares NOTHING with Mustang in terms of structure/chassis/engines and, more importantly, shares nothing with what Mustang has stood for for 55 years. This, to me, is cynical marketing, latching onto the cool Mustang name just to get people to accept this new vehicle. If it's good enough (and I'm sure it will be) then it would sell regardless of any Mustang "connection".
  11. Please Ford, do NOT put a pony or Mustang badge on this "electric SUV". It has NOTHING to do with what Mustang stands for and shares zero DNA. Does 55 years of heritage mean nothing? I understand they dropped the Mach 1 name due to backlash from Mustang fans, and it'll now be called Mach E. Well, Ford, you can still expect an even bigger backlash if you put a pony on its nose or call it a Mustang. If this Electric SUV is any good, it'd be a success without having to rely on Mustang for any added "cool factor".
  12. That's good info, thank you. So, we should see the first prototypes next Summer (ish)........seeing as the '21MY F150 has been spied since early Summer this year.
  13. Do you know what Model Year it's likely to be? My thinking is '23MY, but that's based on nothing but wishful thinking and assumptions lol
  14. I hope so. News/spyshots of anything Mustang related are thin on the ground, especially as pretty much ever other model has been spotted in camo.