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  1. Timberline is debuting with SuperDuty, I've speculated that it's their luxury trim line but it could be their off-roading version. I've been waiting to see a Ford's "Denali" trim-line instead of their generically badged Platinum and Limited series. But it would certainly make sense if they wanted a rugged line that isn't a Raptor. FX4 Max seems more likely for that purpose however. Bronco's Hybrid was suppose to arrive a year late, but the Hybrid was jeopardizing their launch schedule on-top of being costly, so they axed it from the program. It's encouraging however that the Ranger arriving in 2-3 years will still be a hybrid. The Mach-E is actually arriving the same time as Bronco. I don't think it's a big deal, it will happen eventually and the Bronco isn't exactly targeting hybrid buyers in the first place. I will be departing this board. I'm doing my honest best here and I keeping getting abuse for it despite giving a tremendous amount of accurate information which was just proven with the debut of Explorer and Aviator and will again be proven accurate with the debut of Escape and Corsair. This hast just turned into a shitty place to waste time, haha. I want to protect my sources, they don't need me sharing this anyway. The good news is that nobody seems to be taking it seriously anyway.
  2. Assimilator

    Bronco Hybrid Cancelled/Delayed

    I've learned that Ford has cancelled plans for a Bronco Hybrid due to cost cutting. A 2.7L EB Hybrid was scheduled to launch a year later but it has been dropped or delayed further. Next-Gen Ranger is getting a Hybrid however, at least at this moment.
  3. Assimilator

    Lincoln BEV

    I think Expedition and Navigator will eventually get a Hybrid, hard to believe it won't. The Navigator could use the torque from a motor for sure. I assume the MCE will bring this tech but it's not on my radar yet.
  4. Assimilator

    Fully Electric F-150 on the Way

    The F-150 BEV is actually a unique architecture and development code. I'm told it's NOT just adding batteries to the new P702. It's not clear to me if this involves just the underpinnings or a whole new product. I suspect this is more ambitious than assumed. I hope it is considering how crucial this product series is to Ford, they have to get it right the first time or Tesla and the upstarts are going to upstage them. I'm unaware of any Hybrids coming to SuperDuty, but P703 is the next one and it's possible it will get something.
  5. 2019 will be tough primarily because the F-Series is facing a full year of competition that will likely squeeze them on sales and/or margins. And we're still looking at the end of the year before we are actually seeing the new products, preceded and followed by a period of limited inventory. Not to mention phasing out Taurus, Fiesta, Flex, and MKT. Ranger should be able to take the edge off just a little, but Focus Active was suppose to add some help and that didn't work out so it's going to look a little more grim than they wanted. Things should start turning around in 2020 and 2021, especially in contrast to 2019. But, hang onto your butts and just focus on the shiny new products they are showing. My prediction is that Ford sales will be down about 8% in 2019 but with improved margins.
  6. Assimilator

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    I didn't say that, but whatever.
  7. Assimilator

    Lincoln BEV

    No Hybrid Navigator or Expedition arriving with the new P702 F-150. Since the Expedition and Navigator are on the old architecture, I'm not sure that development is going to translate over anytime soon. Considering how modular the system is, a major revamp should make it possible, but I don't think the Expedition or Navigator will be related to P702 anytime soon. The Mach-E architecture is also a really good looking one with an extremely long wheelbase pushing the wheels to the corners like a Tesla. It should make for a series of sexy products from both brands. The future of design really is about proportions, it's the hallmark of modern engineering.
  8. Given how poorly the industry predicted the demise of the sedan, I definitely don't trust them to predict the bottom.
  9. I know the truck market is growing in Europe so I suppose this is especially important to VW as a market leader. Ford likely wants to get away from developing small platform vehicles entirely since Ford has a better grasp on the higher margin markets like utilities, trucks, and commercial vehicles. I think we'll eventually see Ford address Fiesta and Focus by merging with VW development.
  10. Assimilator

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Explorer is all about proportions, something you appreciate more when you're in the presence of it. I really couldn't be happier with the outcome, the architecture of the vehicle will look good forever.
  11. Assimilator

    Lincoln BEV

    Kumar Galhotra has acknowledged that the BEV architecture underpinning the Mach-E will also support Lincoln. Not sure what that means right now...but it's something!
  12. Assimilator

    2020 Ford Explorer

    How far we've come. Nothing makes me feel older than looking at how extraordinarily archaic cars from my childhood are compared to today.
  13. Assimilator

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I can't get over how amazing this profile looks.