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  1. Assimilator

    Aviator hood will not close

    Did you try pumping the handle twice to see if that resets the mechanism?
  2. Elon actually had a great response on Twitter.
  3. Here is that attention monitor.
  4. I'm pretty infatuated with this vehicle, I can't wait! A few more things I've learned. This car gets a Hands-Free enhanced cruise control system that uses face tracking to monitor for attentiveness (very similar to Super Cruise but with more elegant hardware). The hardware will be available at launch but will require a software update to activate later. I assume this is what they are calling Co-Pilot360 2.0. You can actually see the hardware sticking up a bit behind the steering wheel and just under the instrument panel. Another YouTuber mentioned that the doors actually pop open when you approach closely, so you may not need to push the button? We'll see, it wasn't being talked bout by Ford but seems to have been mentioned in briefings. There are three drive modes "Unbridled, Excite, Whisper" with unique sound effects which can be turned off entirely if you prefer. It deserves repeating that the Mach E features Wireless CarPlay which is a HUGE deal to me.
  5. I always buy black cars, but have long wanted white in the right car...this is the right car.
  6. I really like Black too, but the car really pops in white with those black accents and roof.
  7. Remember, Ford was committed to the Focus Active for the US market until the changing trade conditions made that untenable. The market has many forces, not all of them are driven by customers.
  8. The center console resembles the Model X in many ways, open and low. The embedded dial is similar to what Land Rover and Jaguar do on their consoles. They are taking advantage of the missing transmission tunnel in the design. The only way I think this car legitimizes the Mustang badge is performance, it's quicker than every comparable version of the Mustang besides the exotics...and by a significant margin. I still think it's an obvious stunt and I would personally feel more comfortable with its own branding, even if I really like the Mustang inspired design elements. Ford is a little more obsessed with the Mustang than I'm sure is warranted, but it's what gets them motivated. But I would wait to see now they communicate this and why the car deserves the badge. I just wish Ford was more clever with the name, Thunderbird would have been a great name to dust off for this because it's iconic and the imagery of lightning helps mentally connect this to what it is. It certainly couldn't be more controversial than using Mustang, but maybe not. A Full Mustang EV is not in the cards yet, instead they are going Hybrid, so in their mind this might help to keep Mustang modern.
  9. My theory is that the Lincoln BEV will be a successor to Continental and wearing that name. I could imagine an ultra-posh high-tech flagship wearing that badge in a sleek low profile crossover with coach doors. Unless that's where Rivian comes in and this is just a conventional BEV utility. The 2023 timing would lineup with the Continental's EOL.
  10. Blah Blah...not all sales are profitable...blah blah...Ford is selling the same number of cars more profitably....blah blah...these segments are only loyal to price...blah blah...Ford is adding more models than they are giving up. I feel like a broken record at this point. People are so desperate to believe Ford and GM are making a mistake on cars that it's obnoxious when this pops up. The truth is far far more interesting...and everything will be okay. Change or die, and man Ford is changing. The companies that rely on loss-leaders don't have Ford's enormous product diversity to fall back on. Ford doesn't need that volume.
  11. Assimilator

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    The movie is mostly fiction, the most important detail is that there was no such adversarial relationship at all and Ken Miles was actually very mild mannered and agreeable.