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  1. I like the Explorer the more I see it, the design is all about proportions and the design does a pretty good job accentuating them with a wider and lower stance in the rear, longer and aggressive profile, and a wide and flat hood. It's definitely a car that looks better in person. I'm still not a fan of the fascia and the unibrow headlights. I saw a ton of Escapes on the road over the Holiday and the SE is especially bland. I think I've really narrowed it down to two things. The sheetmetal has this outdated featureless design combined with a fascia that lacks presence. I personally don't think any utility should have a grille that sits below the headlights, only Porsche gets away with that. Once you put it on a cheaper utility it looks too bland and weak, especially when this car doesn't have much design confidence elsewhere (like a Porsche). I don't really like the alternative Escape/Kuga fascias from Europe or China either, so for me I would really like to see a complete rework of that front-end with very different headlights.
  2. Assimilator

    Windshield pitting

    I guess the only thing I would investigate next is to see if the front of your car, like the headlights and bumper, show any signs of comparable pitting. Best way to do this is to clean your headlights and look at them at off to the side at night when they are on, you'll see the pitting or sand-blasting pretty clearly in the lens. For a new car, it should be virtually nothing at this point unless you've had some abnormal road debris. That might eliminate or confirm driving damage.
  3. Assimilator

    Another Tesla Hits a Parked Fire Truck, Another Death

    Tesla is reckless about ensuring driver attentiveness, I believe this is something that may need government oversight to ensure the automakers are playing by consistent rules. Most automakers with their business and reputation on the line don't need regulation on this tech to know that their systems need to factor in driver-attentiveness. It's one of the reasons Ford has CoPilot 360 2 with a face-tracking attention monitor, not just a steering input monitor which is what Tesla exclusively relies on. Tesla believes that one day all of that will be irrelevant, but that day is NOT today.
  4. Assimilator

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    That's a far more typical cross-shopping experience however. There is a Nissan Sentra-sized price gap between a Kia and a Lincoln.
  5. Assimilator

    KIA and Lincoln not cross shopped.......

    I love the person who claims they were cross shopping a much more expensive vehicle and chose the Kia not because they couldn't afford the Aviator, but because reasons.
  6. I still see the Rangers rarely, but there are always a few versions that look particularly good, such as Anthony's. That's the version I would want personally, monochromatic Magnetic all the way, just like my F-150.
  7. Assimilator

    Mustang Mach E Timeline

    The Ignore user feature is AWESOME!
  8. Assimilator

    Mustang Mach E Timeline

    Nope! Ford needs to make things Tesla couldn't make as well as Ford. Ford seldom thrives by following or duplicating. And as a Moderator, do you think it's appropriate to pick on members that can't block your annoying abuse? This happens way too frequently with you.
  9. Assimilator

    Mustang Mach E Timeline

    I think Ford is going to have hard time with Mach E since it's close, but not nearly close enough to a Tesla. I don't think Ford is going to do well directly copying Tesla, even if I would like them to, but they need to create EVs that Tesla doesn't have, and I think that starts with larger crossovers. The main reason I don't buy a Tesla now is because their Model X is outdated (by Tesla standards) and is not as appealing as something like an Aviator. That's where Ford could do something.
  10. I would say a minimal design needs to execute build and material quality better than a more expressive design. I like the Escapes minimal design (save the doors) but not the quality.
  11. I'm sure this is an LED fixture which accounts for the unusual bar design across the center of the round reflector. I also recognize this facility, it's one of Ford's headlight suppliers. I've known a few of the guys working on Ford fixtures over the years. Also worth nothing is that it looks like this fixture doesn't have a circular DRL like the Mini, unless the chrome is transparent. I don't think you can have a masked DRL, but maybe they worked some magic.
  12. I haven't seen it directly, but friends of mine have described the Bronco Mini's interior as mostly unique with more prominent vertical vents similar to the F-150. For some reason I'm getting this image of the old Escape dashboard design from that description. It does have the same sort of detached infotainment screen design as the '20 Escape.
  13. I don't think it's reasonable to write off the Escape when there are so many configurations and options. The SE might not be great, but the Titanium is a very different car. What is a little different this time is that the 2020 Escape doesn't elevate the segment like it did when the last one debuted in 2013, it was quite a striking departure for a pretty drab appliance segment. The 2020 Escape definitely is not that sort of standout today, although it still stands out for its available engines.
  14. From my perspective, Ford's good cars start with the Edge and move up from there. Below that and it's not very convincing. I think they aim to change that by offering more appealing entries soon.
  15. It's hard to get a sense of the boundaries with this fixture because it looks like it's meant to be surrounded by trim.