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  1. I have the 2.0 in my 2017 MKC and find it very adequate. I will probably get a 2021 with the 2.0 when my lease is up next spring. I would consider the GT for better performance but the economics don't make sense for me.
  2. MKC4ME

    Annual Rustproofing Application

    I stopped getting rustproofing on new vehicles a long time ago. The last vehicle I had with significant rust problems was a 1989 Aerostar when it was about 8 years old. I live in Ontario where a lot of road salt gets used in the winter and parked that vehicle in my garage. Subsequently, my vehicles (including one we had for 13 years) that have been left outside haven't experienced significant rust problems. I likewise wouldn't go with any product that drills holes in the metal. Your MKC has extra sound insulation as well as audio components, wiring, etc. that might be damaged if anything was sprayed inside doors or body cavities. Some people I know get an oil spray under the vehicle every fall.
  3. MKC4ME

    2021 Toyota Sienna Debuts

    We had a Toyota Sienna for 13 years and 239,000 km after Ford quit building Aerostars. We needed the space for a family of seven and had a lot of good trips with it. Now that all of our children are grown up and on their own we don't need that kind of room any more, though sometimes I think it would be nice to have one again, seeing that we have five grandchildren now and probably more in the future. I have considered a three-row SUV but the third row seating cuts into the cargo space too much and isn't as comfortable as the third row in a minivan.
  4. MKC4ME

    2020 Sun Visor

    Parking lot or toll road tickets... a convenient place to put them.
  5. I have the 2.0L EB engine in my AWD 2017 Lincoln MKC and find it to be very adequate.
  6. Does this mean that first PHEV's will be 2021MY?
  7. MKC4ME

    Aviator Cargo Area Dimensions

    Aviator hip and shoulder room, as well as headroom and hence passenger volume are less than the Explorer. This is probably due to additional sound insulation and padding. It is interesting to note that the cargo volume behind the third row is essentially the same for both vehicles. I am not looking to accommodate 4' x 8' sheets as I usually get them cut to a more manageable size depending on the current project. I am more interested in knowing what the practical size limit is. I found I had previously downloaded tech specs for the Explorer that included the following: Cargo width, wheelhouse 48.1" Cargo length closed – first 83.9" Cargo length closed – second 49.8" Cargo length closed – third 20.8" Cargo length above floor, behind first row 78.5" Cargo length above floor, behind second row 43.4" Cargo length above floor, behind third row 12.7" I'm not sure what the difference is between the two sets of lengths - perhaps due to seat-back slope. I haven't found equivalent information for the Aviator.
  8. MKC4ME

    Aviator Cargo Area Dimensions

    It would probably be a Reserve I with second row bench seating so no 2nd row console. I currently have an MKC with towing package and use a trailer for things that won't fit inside. However, I do some woodworking and don't like hauling nice wood in an open utility trailer. I used to have a Sienna van that I could carry 48" x 96" material in but sold it (after 13 years) when I got the MKC (and utility trailer).
  9. MKC4ME

    Aviator Cargo Area Dimensions

    I already had these numbers... not the information I need. I want to know what size of sheet goods will lay flat. I need someone to measure a real Aviator. One came into my local dealer but was gone in a couple of days.
  10. When someone has an opportunity to measure, I am interested in the cargo area dimensions - primarily the largest rectangular area - width and length, both behind the first row seating and second row seating. These dimensions never seem to get published.
  11. MKC4ME

    Aviator Seat Materials

    Reserve shows "Premium Leather Enhanced Micro-Perforated Seats" in the specifications while the Standard does not. If it doesn't say leather it probably isn't.
  12. Could I suggest changing the topic name from "Electrical" to "Electronic" to better align with the content.
  13. I may be interested in a 2021 model, but only if a towing package is available. My 2017 MKC has a towing package with 3000 lb capacity.