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  1. I have a dealer in ATL that will sell me a 2021/22 CFTP at MSRP. However I decided to go with the 2020 GT350 Heritage Edition; it only had 209 miles.
  2. If I order a car from a dealer should I expect to pay MSRP or what is a respectable discount?
  3. I just booked the 14th. Let me know if you’re going to be out there.
  4. I’ve always wanted to do the extreme experience I’m glad to hear that it’s worth it, I may sign up and do a few. I live in Milton and my girlfriend lives in Canton.
  5. Or was that in reference to the price? If it was…what do you think is fair?
  6. Maybe I should have clarified...rarely driven to on the street. Any miles I put on it will be at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP). I want to start collecting cars that I think will go up or hold their value...getting feedback on that is the intent of the post.
  7. So I am looking to buy a 2020 GT350 with 800 miles or a 2020 GT350 Heritage with 3100 miles. Price is about the same (~$73K)....what are your thoughts regarding which one will be more of a collectors item? Regardless of what car I purchase; it will rarely be driven.
  8. what tune do you run? I use a piggy back from burger tuning. Can the vehicle handle more than 5-6 galleons of e85 + 93?
  9. Apparently there "was" a class action lawsuit about the lug nuts, but it was dismissed....crazy. https://www.autonews.com/fixed-ops-journal/despite-lawsuit-dismissal-disputed-ford-lug-nuts-continue-complicate-dealership
  10. The dealer just called me and tried to sell me a fuel/emissions "cleaning" while our 2018 Black Label was in for an oil change. Any idea if this is something we can do on our own? They also said the lug nuts need to be replaced because they were swollen....WHAT???
  11. So we have updated to the latest iOS and have changed the cable out to a new cable on the issue still appears intermittently
  12. Just wanted to give the group some options when looking for more power. I am a gear head and been around cars and tuning for a while now, this is a great option for people who want built in safety thresholds and one-click simple tuning. I have clocked repeatable 0-60 times at 4.9-5.0 seconds (excite mode) using Map5. I installed a piggy-back tune from Burger Motorsports 4 months ago...http://www.burgertuning.com.; it is amazing! I used his products on my 2012 BMW 335IS with twin turbos; took that car from 320HP (crank) to 590 HP (Wheel) using ethanol and I ran it hard for 3 years before trading it in with no issues. The tune uses Bluetooth and a app to control the "map" settings and you can view real-time stat's like AFR, boost, etc...the "tune" installed in 30 minutes and can be removed before taking it to the dealer (leaves no trace). The best thing about Terry's tunes are that they leverage the stock ECU mapping and sensors...it will cut power (timeing) before it hurts your motor. You will know when you use a improper map :)...the car feels like a slug and you can look at the logs on app to see the details. Details on the tune: https://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51436 Map0: Fully disable JB4Map1: 4psi peak over stockMap2: 5psi peak over stockMap4: Low boost VALET mapMap5: 6psi peak over stockMap6: User adjustable by RPM map on user adjustment page, values are peak boost over stock by RPM under heavy throttle. I live in GA and use 93 Octane. (image attached is map 5)...blue line is actual boost, white line is stock boost curve, yellow is AFR and red is timing. Have Fun
  13. Anyone else having issues with CarPlay not turning on when you plug in your iPhone? First happened with my wifes phone and then 2 days later my phone stopped syncing
  14. On the lowest setting can still hear a faint noise like the rear air is blowing
  15. Anybody else notice the loud blower?
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