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  1. Just a public note of thanks to all who make this forum possible and contribute to its content, it's a tremendous resource 👍 I hope @ice-capadesis doing well these days, his absence has been conspicuous of late.
  2. FordEscape

    Windshield Replacement Issues

    FWIW I've long been insured by State Farm in Texas and have had several vehicle windshields replaced by Safelite. Never had any problem with the SF glass claims folks (a subcontractor to SF in my experience) approving and fully paying for "genuine OE" (vs alleged 'OE equivalent') glass which is available through Safelite upon specific request. Safelite often does not show "Genuine OE" as an option when making an online reservation - you've got to call them to specify that, and they'll then provide that to your insurance for approval up-front. I'm surprised that they would even do a mobile installation, I've always had to get it done at a Safelite service center when 'driver aid' cams are involved in order to get the proper post-installation calibration done.
  3. FordEscape

    Towing with F150s

    With all due respect please note that on the yellow and red "Tire and Load Information" sticker, the number shown for "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed xxxx kg or xxxx lbs" already assumes a full tank of fuel and all other liquids required for normal vehicle operation. That's per DOT / FMVSS regulations for the information on that statutory sticker and is correct for whatever size fuel tank was original equipment for the specific VIN. IOW, you should not deduct the weight of fuel from the value indicated to determine your remaining available 'payload'. Your point that any and all non-factory equipment installed or carried on the truck, as well as tongue or 5th wheel pin weight borne by the truck, should be deducted from that value is a valid one, IMO.
  4. FordEscape

    Towing with F150s

    My suggestion is that you review the applicable 2019 towing guide specs for your Lariat and its specific options to see what its various tow-ratings actually are. There's more than just engine and axle ratio in play to determine this. https://www.fleet.ford.com/content/dam/aem_fleet/en_us/fleet/towing-guides/2019_Ford_RVandTrailerTowingGuide.pdf My experience with F150's, having used many to tow a wide range of utility and RV loads over the decades, is that they can consistently tow adequately up to the published rated limits but keeping loads below the maximums provides better performance and a more relaxed (enjoyable) towing experience. IOW, when you tow 'at the limits' it feels like you're 'at the limits' and that's not so desirable in my experience. I suspect that the 3.31:1 axle ratio will yield adequate but less than desirable performance at launch and on grades with a 10K# actual trailer weight; I prefer 3:55:1 or lower (numerically higher) gearing for that duty. That's a great ratio for unladen mileage, less so for towing in my opinion. FWIW I currently tow an Escape 5.0 - Escape Trailer with my 2005 F150 (5.4l, 3.73:1 axle); that truck was originally spec'd for towing ~7,000# gooseneck ag trailers and it met that challenge comfortably. My on-order 2022 F150 is spec'd with the 3.5EB and 3.55:1 ratio for comfortable and relaxed towing of that 5,500# GTWR 5th wheel RV. Remember 'fivers' present a lot more frontal area for wind resistance than similar weight bumper-pull trailers. Just for your consideration, YMMV
  5. FordEscape

    Micro Chip Hold - Work Around ??

    Please post the full spec for your original order - context is important for this info to be meaningful, IMO. A pic of the Window sticker would provide that info. Thanks!
  6. FordEscape

    New light & medium duty news

    They work for me, pics of a spiffy red dump; verify that your device has a viewer that supports the .HEIC filetype.
  7. FordEscape

    Does selecting certain options delay delivery?

    Based on following folks' order and delivery experiences on several F150 forums over the last few months/year, I think you'll find that the 'options and trims subject to delay' is a dynamic, constantly changing list; a source of much speculation and little in the way of meaningful predictability over any given period of time (absent a few very specific cases published by Ford). I understand your likely objective to avoid those on an order and wish you the best of luck with that strategy! Your choices today may or may not be 'in-play' by the time your vehicle enters the scheduling / blend / build path, and something you never expected to cause delay may move to that category. Some of us who view our special orders as long-term investments have adopted two tactics: Omit all options which can reasonably be added after purchase (e.g. spray-in bed liner, wheel-well liners, and similar) Include all of the 'hard options' that we want for our long-term 'dream truck' and accept the delivery delays those may impose I realize that's not acceptable to everyone, good luck and have fun!
  8. FordEscape

    22MY F150 Retail Orders

    Perfectly normal, blend info and Monroney sticker will not be available until very shortly before production actually occurs, at the earliest. ^That's the hint - those data will come later along the process. Patience is a virtue 😉
  9. Thank you, and fair enough, I'd just like to understand the process. In referring to Ford Service documents on past vehicles I've encountered electrical cells (schematic diagrams) which show different harness schematics before and after a job change within a model year. Though maybe not affecting feature availability, those can have bearing on function, service, and/or modifications. Now for the first time ordering a vehicle, I'd just like to understand how that's managed on the order/production end of things. Simply a matter of curiosity and education, not a critical issue or source of worry, if this isn't the place for that I apologize and will drop the matter.
  10. Begging patience of the very helpful folks here as I try to understand the transition from Job#1 to Job#[second] for non-Lightning 22MY F150s; given that Lightning is apparently 22MY F150 Job #2, I'm referring to the second Job of non-Lightning MY22 F150 as Job #[second] (maybe it will properly be called "Job #3"?) I see in @ice-capades Weekly Scheduling Notes forum: 22MY F-150 Job #1 Balance Out - Spec changes and cancellation were shut off for Job #1 orders on Thursday, January 27. So, at some date after January 27, the Dearborn and KC plants will cease production under the Job #1 specs and then commence production under the Job#[second] specs, is that correct? If that is correct, is there a place on this forum where the specific date that MY22 F150 Job#[second] actually commences at each plant is announced? Insofar as production of a given 22MY F150 Is it possible that a 22MY F150 Ordered prior to January 27, might through a series of production rescheduling bumps, be produced to the Job#[second] specs (or does the 'Balance Out' procedure ensure that all MY22 F150s Ordered prior to January 27 will be actually produced to the Job #1 specs?) I apologize if this has been explained and I missed it, thanks again for your patient and always helpful education.
  11. FWIW my currently "confirmed and scheduled" F150 order does not show up on my long-standing Ford Account tied to the same name and email address, either.
  12. FordEscape

    Current Wait Time F-150 Lariat order?

    12/22/2021 Lariat 500A Supercab 4x4 145"WB order confirmation email from Ford 01/06/2022 VIN and build schedule email from Ford 02/28/2022 Scheduled build week (Per VIN code it's KC assembly) Yep, that may slip, but it's what I've got so far; quicker than I expected, I'm guardedly optimistic. Spec, FYI, tailored for towing my 21' fiberglass 5th wheel RV trailer (5500# GTW):
  13. FordEscape

    Payload Question

    Just FYI there's a 50+ page Ford document called "2021 F150 Specs eSourceBook" which can be downloaded on some F150 forums (google search is your friend). That document provides options weight info and a procedure / worksheet to estimate the payload for 2021 F150s in consideration of specific installed options. Given the similarities between the model years, it's likely valid for getting a ballpark payload estimate 2022's also.
  14. FordEscape

    2021 F-150 Trailer TPMS

    Just FYI / FWIW I have a 2022 Preview Order showing the item MSRP = $960 on a properly equipped F150 Lariat 4x4 500A. My Dealer Rep did not know of any actual deliveries or installations of the item but explained that as a "DIO" it would almost certainly be 'available' for installation after vehicle purchase as a Ford Accessory. 'Available' being hedged a bit, both in regard to ordering with the vehicle or after vehicle purchase as he said he honestly didn't know if this item was subject to any delivery delays. I decided to not include it in my vehicle order as finalized, I'll follow-up on the possibilities after my 2022 Lariat is delivered. I have an aftermarket trailer+vehicle TPMS and trailer cam on my RV now, separate non-OE screens in the cab of my 2005 F150 course, it'd be very nice (and worth it for me) to get those features 'integrated' in the truck systems and displays, but not a deal-breaker for me. YMMV.
  15. Just a note of thanks for all the great info and resources here, truly helpful for this first-time 'special order' buyer (but long-time Ford guy). Basically, a modern version of the 2005 XLT that has served me well since new, with a few added luxuries tailored to towing my Escape 5th wheel RV, here's the spec "Confirmed" by Ford late yesterday: F150 4X4 SUPERCAB - 145 INCH WHEELBASE LARIAT SERIES OXFORD WHITE LEATHER BUCKET SEATS W/CONSOLE BAJA TAN EQUIPMENT GROUP 500A .18" MACH-ALUM W/MAGNETIC PKT 3.5L V6 ECOBOOST .275/65R 18 BSW ALL-TERRAIN 3.55 ELECTRONIC LOCK RR AXLE 7050# GVWR PACKAGE FORD CO-PILOT 360 ASSIST 2.0 .CNCTD BLT-IN NAV (3-YR INC) ONBOARD 400W OUTLET AUTO START-STOP REMOVAL MAX TRAILER TOW PACKAGE .INTEGRATED TRAILER BRAKE CONT MIRROR POWER TELE/GLASS/FOLD EXTENDED RANGE 36GAL FUEL TANK BED UTILITY PACKAGE .BOXLINK .POWER TAILGATE .TAILGATE STEP .LED BOX LIGHTING 360-DEGREE CAMERA PACKAGE So, now the patient waiting, No Worries! My 'built for me' Escape trailer was 11 months between order and delivery and I'm very happy with the outcome. I'll be happy with the same result insofar as my new F150. Thanks again Blue Oval Forum for the invaluable assistance 👍