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  1. I was recently made aware of Certificates of Authenticity for select Ford Performance Vehicles available from the official online store for the Ford Performance Group. I have seen framed versions of these at car shows, on the dash or under the open hood. "Certificates include production date, production number, and production location. Also included is a production breakdown chart for the model year." Mustangs: GT CS Bullit Boss 302 SVT Cobra GT 350 GT 500 Cobra R Mach 1 SVO MCA F-150 Raptor Focus ST Focus RS Taurus SHO Mercury Marauder www.FordShowParts.com
  2. Affected vehicles include: 2013-18 Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT vehicles built at Oakville Assembly Plant, Sept. 12, 2011, to June 1, 2017 2013-18 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan and Ford Taurus SHO Performance Pack equipped vehicles built at Chicago Assembly Plant, Aug. 25, 2011, to June 1, 2017
  3. My 2019 Taurus SHO PP (2/7/19 build date) finally arrived, with 70 MI from road testing following assembly. Was wondering: 1. How does the selection at random works? (computer flags a VIN or does a human select; does retail vs. stock matter, etc ) 2. About what percentage get road testing? 3. Where is the testing done? Onsite test track, public highways, public city streets? (from google earth at Chicago I did not see an obvious test area; was thinking it sure would suck if the car was totaled on the public roads and production is shutdown for good) 4. Is 70 miles normal? (I've read other post indication ~30 MI) I'm good with having the additional Q.C. done, but was curious about the process. Thanks!
  4. In addition to any bracing not present in the civilian model, you would also need to swap out the mini-spare tire. The full-size spare tire secured in the factory location is necessary to achieve police-rated 75-mph rear-impact crash-test performance attributes on the interceptors.
  5. Full Story and Additional Photos: https://www.nola.com/crime/2019/02/nopd-officer-crashes-car-on-way-to-cbd-shooting.html
  6. jgonza5

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    Sounds like your are right. I saw the post quoted below in the Ford Motor Company Discussion Forum's Topic:Only Grey / Silver / Black Rangers?
  7. jgonza5

    last date able to order

    For what ever it is worth, I decided to upgrade my 14 Taurus SEL with a 19 SHO P.P. (w/o moon roof). Order was placed in mid-October with small dealer. Was notified mid-November that Ford Rep said it would NOT be built; but dealer left it in the order bank. Then on 12/11/18, dealer called and said order status changed to previewing and there was a chance it might be scheduled. Finally, a week later, I received a VIN and build week of 2/11/19! Supposed to arrive mid-March. (Will believe it when I see it.) I guess my problem (order delay) was using the small dealer and their allocation? Maybe commodity? I am curious if any one has insight on the delayed order acceptance?
  8. jgonza5

    2020 Ford Explorer

    hank37 may be referring to the XLT Sport Appearance Package (65P) that debuted in the 2017 model year. I liked the blacked-out look that did not break the bank.