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  1. I have a number of Harbor Freight tools, including a floor jack that has served me very well. My joke is to never buy anything there that, if it breaks, will hurt you. Some of their stuff is really cheap and it shows. Some of it is really good for the price. Just need to appreciate what you are and aren't getting from Harbor Freight. To be clear, I don't consider their (unrecalled) jack stands unsafe.
  2. Yes, of course. And thanks, I should have mentioned that. Oh, and it wasn't a Harbor Freight one either!
  3. I used a floor jack from the passenger side on the frame rail. You have to remember to turn the power running boards off if you do this. That allowed me to lower the truck to level easily while draining. Also the F-150 complaints about oil spewing everyone are the engines with the larger plastic drain plug. The Navigator has a conventional metal plug and doesn't have this problem.
  4. While it is another thread . . . I achieved a first that I want to share. Yesterday I had both mirrors dancing at the same time.
  5. I like doing maintenance within my ability. Cordless 1/2 inch impact is a wonderful tool, but be careful with it in putting lug nuts on. Easy to over torque them. A cordless impact driver is also useful for things like those 8mm bolts that secure the trays you loosen to do the oil change. A cordless ratchet would be better, but I can't justify the price. I have been avoiding rotating tires on the truck for the simple reason that they are big, dirty, and heavy.
  6. By the way BL, if you decide to lift the truck for better access, remember that you need to turn the running boards off if your jack will interfere with their operation. I used a floor jack to jack up the passenger side so I had to disable the running boards.
  7. I saw a lot about a rush of oil from the plastic drain plug engine, but this one is completely normal. No experience with that device.
  8. Full synthetic, but I'm in Houston where it is hot. Ford uses full synthetic in Mexico, so it is probably a good choice for me. Metal drain plug on my 2018. I jack up the passenger side for removing the lower covers, but I lower it to level when it is draining.
  9. I am in the process of buying an RV travel trailer. I am looking at strap on towing mirrors. Does anyone have a recommendation on a set that works well for the 2018+ body style?
  10. akirby: My tow/haul green light always seems to come on when I plug in the electrical connector of my car hauler (about 4,200 lbs). I also get a notice that trailer is detected and cross traffic alert is disactivated. It seems to me that if tow/haul were activated by something more than the electrical connection, I wouldn't think it would come on just because I plugged in the electrical connection. It might be that it comes on automatically if the trailer connected has brakes. Bored: Check your trailer electrical connection. The plug might not be seated properly. Mine always goes into tow/haul mode when I plug it in. Now if I could just get the 12v aux line to work. It never does.
  11. Congrats on the buy. We love ours. 360 camera is a low speed thing only. Have not tried AM, but have had good experience streaming radio stations from my phone for better reception on FM. Not sure about the door code.
  12. akirby: That is exactly what I would like, but the Navi only has Normal and Excite drive modes. I'm not fully sure what Excite does, but I know that it affects shifting and I suspect it creates fake engine noise, neither of which I want.
  13. My view is that the ride in town on rougher roads is too soft so the truck bounces excessively. Sport mode makes the ride better, but then you have the transmission acting aggressively. I would love the option just to stiffen the suspension for in town driving without changing the transmission programming. On the highway, on the other hand, the ride is superb in normal mode. Really amazing.
  14. DCP

    Chassis Creak or Rattle

    Not an issue for me.
  15. DCP

    Liftgate Not Closing

    Have not talked to the dealer yet. I am trying to see if there is something I am missing.