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  1. There are 11 body panels on the truck, 5 of them will get re-skinned and repainted the passenger side and all it total is $13,500 with the tucks value at $46,000 I am getting it fixed and they can get it in October 29th to work on it for 17 days. After this you have to say it was baseball size hail and the truck saved our lives, other people are in the hospital because the hail went through there glass and hit them. I am keeping this truck it means to much now, 2 tornados and took the beating and came out on top and saved me and my daughter, there is a good ending here.
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    You can use a website that is a host, so the code in that is just a web link you copy and paste in here, I use photobucket as a hosting website for forums.
  3. Thanks guys my Daughter was freaking out, the wind was over 100 mph and we were by a hill and I stayed calm and in the drivers seat just in case the truck would start to move to put it in the ditch for more stability, It was the longest 1/2 hour of our lives, I told my daughter we are ok we are in my Raptor, it will take the hit and keep us safe, so this truck now has a story worth telling and it has a ton a value to me, it saved us, baseball size hail, people in other cars are in the hospital because the hail went through the windows and hit them, but we are safe, a bit scary but nothing you can do but hope for the best.
  4. I went to go see my mother in the hospital so it was a 9 hour drive, on the way home me and my 18 year old daughter got caught right in the middle of a tornado with my Raptor. It was so bad before we pulled over a semi trailer started to get pushed into our lane and missed my truck by inches then we pulled over and the tornado went over us, it blew out my back window and a ton of hail damage. We found out later there were 3 tornados by us. Now the drivers side did not get touched and the front clip is fine but the passenger side door and back door and back and roof is dented all to hell. With my Raptor being a 2013 fully loaded with 54k miles will it be totaled or what. What you are about to see hurts me very bad, this was my baby, me and my daughter are fine but my Raptor took the damage from the baseball size hail and we were in the storm for 1/2 hour. My truck was in Brush Colorado when this happened, This Raptor saved me and my daughter from being hurt and did not move one bit in the storm, there was a total of 3 tornado's at that time, Sunday at 4:30pm mst.