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  1. A little further proof that sedans don't help luxury sales either.
  2. So which plan is for stockholders......I thought it was X.
  3. Seems the Timberline may be what the FX4 model will be called. https://fordauthority.com/2020/10/2021-ford-explorer-to-gain-king-ranch-and-timberline-trim-levels/
  4. I never thought Ford made a mistake with the Fusion, but I didn't know sedan sales were falling this much https://fordauthority.com/2020/09/ford-fusion-sales-numbers-figures-results-q2-2020/
  5. I would assume that Ford wouldn't do all of this for a one year run, so I guess NG Ranger will be MY2023.
  6. I was hoping that was a render when it came out, but I'll reserve my thoughts until it's debut. This isn't all that clear....as a leak shouldn't be.
  7. Do you think we are still looking at MY22 for the next generation?
  8. 70 Stang

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    The greenhouse and the rest of the car look like they are from two different vehicles.
  9. Thanks! Just trying to get the $ as close as I can.
  10. Isn't the mid-package standard on the OBX?
  11. There was a time I would've said the same thing, but now I wouldn't own a V8.
  12. You can only get the retractable steps on the 6.5' and larger beds.....they are nice. I do like the idea of longer running boards too.
  13. 70 Stang

    How Long Vehicles Stay On Dealer Lots

    Mostly lower volume nameplates at the top of the list.
  14. That was actually unibody up front, and body on frame under the bed......crazy.
  15. That would be a nice touch.....and I think the first unibody pickup to do that. I'm thinking the side sculpting to be more like the Bronco Sport also.