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  1. Awesome. That's what I'm hoping for.......CY 2022 is pushing it to get my next vehicle.
  2. So 2022 NG Ranger is still a good possibility?.....in lieu of 2023.
  3. I'm pretty sure the colors will be wraps.
  4. 2019 Escape doesn't have a 3 cyl. Ecoboost.
  5. As big as any half ton super crew......no not as big a as any truck. Sorry, you can get an 8" bed on a half ton super crew.
  6. Oh I completely agree on the look...... definitely not for me.
  7. It has as big of a bed as any truck......slightly larger if I'm not mistaken.
  8. They just had the same recall on the F-150
  9. I agree.....would love a supercab F-150 with a 5.5" box.....but don't need/can't afford a Raptor.
  10. 70 Stang

    Ford’s EV Truck Chassis

    I think the R1T is the sweet spot for size.....a few more inches in the bed wouldn't hurt though!
  11. 70 Stang

    Ranger Sales Grow

    So the new Ranger will be a '22 MY?
  12. 70 Stang

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I'm thinking Elon couldn't handle another high volume product right now.......or something along those lines. He's already said if enough people didn't want it, he'd go a different direction. This will certainly buy him some time.....lol. I'm a Tesla fan, not a fanboy, and I'm disappointed.
  13. I know we'll find out soon, but does anyone have an idea of general size. On another site, a guy said he saw it covered up and it looked Edge sized, and I saw an article that calls it a compact CUV??
  14. 70 Stang

    Rivian/ Fully Charged interview

    The Rivian will be much more capable and larger than a Ridgeline.
  15. So are we safe to assume the new Ranger will be MY 2022?