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  1. https://news.stanford.edu/2022/09/22/charging-cars-home-night-not-way-go/ Now here is an article that says we shouldn't charge EV's at home at night.
  2. I have an F-150 now, don't want another.....just a mid-size truck with a mid-size interior. Maybe hip and leg room close to an Edge. I am sure it won't increase much if at all.....hopefully won't have to wait much longer to find out. In the current Ranger, a lot of dimensions are less that the Maverick.
  3. One can only hope! One of the Aussie reviewers said the hip and shoulder measurements seemed to be increased....but then again no numbers. I see the new Colorado got 3.1 inches wider.....but I guess that could be in the fenders also!
  4. I hope some of it made it to the cab width. The 2022 has decent blistering at the fenders, and the 2023 gained 2.2 inches over the 2022.
  5. My F-150 seats don't lock down, but Rangers might be different.
  6. 70 Stang

    First Look at Fusion Active?

    No tail pipe?
  7. They have known that much higher gas prices were coming since the election.....nearly a year and a half ago. I do think Ford thought they would be able to produce way more Mavericks, Escape Hybrids, etc....to fight the rising prices.
  8. 70 Stang

    Ford To Split EV Unit?

    Ford's "old world" stuff are advantages that Tesla, Rivian, and other 100% electric vehicle startups don't have.
  9. 70 Stang

    New GMC Canyon spied

    The stance looks great!
  10. 70 Stang

    Cryptic Lincoln Post

    The UX is what I was thinking about. Hopefully something more along the lines of a Puma EV.
  11. 70 Stang

    Cryptic Lincoln Post

    What about a sub-compact size EV. Something along the lines of an NX. Ford version could be in the $30K range.
  12. If I remember correctly, it's May of 2023 for the US. I think this will be my next truck also.
  13. That all makes perfect sense, and will make for a better truck too. I just kept reading May of next year as a MY2023. I figured they were trying to get both vehicles on the same modified platform as soon as they could. I think I can wait another year...... I just don't want to....lol
  14. I had an article from Ford Authority pop up on facebook this morning stating the NG Ranger wouldn't show up in the US until July of 2023. I hope it's wrong, but I'm sure it's not. I'll post it once I find again, but someone else will probably beat me to it.
  15. 70 Stang

    Ford cancels Bronco-based pickup

    Please don't......keep your mouth shut that is!