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  1. 70 Stang

    August Sales?

    Which shows who the real fan boys are.....Ford truck owners will buy the best truck, Toyota owners will buy Yota no matter what.....which there is a lot of no matter what IMO.
  2. 70 Stang

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I'm sure they went a few inches longer since Chevy did. They don't need to be any bigger.
  3. I may have missed this in a discussion, but will the next Ranger probably debut after the Bronco?
  4. I'm sure Fields won't be so kind to Ford when he testifies.
  5. True.....and that is what I meant. I was speaking more of the Supercrew since that is what I have.....but driving dynamics are quite different between what I have now and the 05 I used to have. Tight parking or a parking deck means taking my wife's car if at all possible.....that's the part I don't like. Offering the Supercab with the 5.5' box again would be better.....but maybe to much to ask. I understand this way there are less combinations of materials needed.
  6. The Supercabs are identical in wheelbase and length as the Supercrews.
  7. I agree.....no way the Ranger is close to older F150, but the F150 has grown recently. The new truck is 8 inches longer in wheelbase and length than the 04-08 truck. To me, it negatively affects the drivability......but it looks like I'm in the minority on this. I do wish they would offer the SC with the 5'6" bed again......other than the Raptor.
  8. 70 Stang

    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    While not exactly a track time, the Model 3 matches the GT-350 on the MT figure 8 on time with a slightly better avg G......and weighing approximately 500 lbs more. I'm certainly not a Tesla fan boy, but Blue Oval all the way. I am impressed with what Tesla has accomplished to this point, even though I don't agree with the tax credits on EV's. However, I think that will bite Tesla now they they are running out of credits, and now all other manufacturers will have plenty of credits left. Even Henry Ford had struggles and failures when he started, but it didn't take long after he actually started FMC to become profitable........but at that point he was the only game in town too.
  9. I forgot about that......should do well. I certainly like it much better than the RAV4.
  10. The RAV4 is AWD though.......so Escape needs to beat it.
  11. And the F-100 Explorer Edition trucks
  12. I completely agree. While the F-150 has gotten bigger than I like, after looking at the Ranger it isn't an option. I'm sure the next Ranger will get a little bigger, but never enough to make it an option.......and there are plenty of people who look at it just the opposite......no way one truck will cover all bases.
  13. Pretty far above all of the competition.
  14. Just read an Autoblog article and it looks like the Escape is 2.4" longer and gained 3.5 cubic feet behind the second row......couldn't find anything on the width yet.
  15. Just curious, have any of the I4 Ecoboost engines added PFI yet?