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  1. 70 Stang

    2021 f150 battery drain

    So I guess they can't do that update over the air?
  2. Well said.....and applies to most of our problems.
  3. And another $1.5 Billion subsidizing every manufacturer that builds 200,000 qualifying EV vehicles. You do realize where this money comes from right?
  4. Just a thought, with GM doing so well now, you would think they might send some money to the Treasury for all of the money they lost 9n GM's bankruptcy.
  5. Ford actually closed at a 52 high today......GM reached a high today, but fell back a little before closing.
  6. 70 Stang

    2022 Ranger speculation

    I thought the new Ranger would arrive in NA as a 2023 model.
  7. 70 Stang

    Ecoboost Coolant Intrusion

    Has this issue been corrected, and does anyone know when? I have a 2017 Escape and was already worried about build up around the valves.
  8. I notice the 1.5 L has direct and port injection, but still not on the 2 or 2.3 L yet. I know there is no 2.3 in the Sport, but would make me lean toward the 1.5.
  9. 70 Stang

    GM to reopen Oshawa Assembly Plant

    I agree completely......it's got to have something to do with the Navistar plant or something similar. I'm very much a layman regarding auto manufacturing, but wouldn't you try to up the ATP before re-opening a plant.
  10. 70 Stang

    GM to reopen Oshawa Assembly Plant

    Lower ATP's will tend to move product quicker....if that's what you're after.
  11. 70 Stang

    GM to reopen Oshawa Assembly Plant

    I also saw where GM is going to ship full size BOF SUV's to China.
  12. I wonder maybe if it's tap on-tap off like a phone.....I agree if that huge screen stays on it'll be too bright.
  13. A little further proof that sedans don't help luxury sales either.
  14. So which plan is for stockholders......I thought it was X.
  15. Seems the Timberline may be what the FX4 model will be called. https://fordauthority.com/2020/10/2021-ford-explorer-to-gain-king-ranch-and-timberline-trim-levels/