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  1. What do you mean by this?
  2. chopsui

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    I see it looks like there's no introspection going on with the blowhards and cranks here. Not terribly surprising. Just curious, were there a bunch of posts deleted? I notice nothing exists from Wednesday and Thursday.
  3. chopsui

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    I've always been curious about this. Do you crackpots actually know that you're crackpots?
  4. Not freaking out. It's just weird. Engineering a whole new dashboard can't have been cheap. The order guides are already out. Why would they not want to publicize it? Or, as suggested by akirby, is it being held off for next model year? Just trying to get some clarity.
  5. So.....no new interior? We all saw the pics right? WTH Ford?
  6. Does this mean they're going to open order banks before they even announce the product? Why would they do that?
  7. chopsui

    President Trump Visits Rawsonville plant

    Was the House of Rrepresentitives group leader one of Denny`s guests while we were paying for all those golf outings? I heard along with the imported cigars they had imported chocolate ice cream.... sounds like something that group leader could get into. Edited July 13 by Decker Wait, are you a Trumper complaining about someone taking golf outings on the public dime?
  8. Despite all the horror stories I've heard about how insufferable Farley is as a person, I'm just glad to have an actual car guy in charge. I wish him all the luck in the world.
  9. Any idea if the interior update will include the perfect position seats from the Aviator?
  10. Why can't I just get a 2 row Explorer/Aviator to replace my Grand Cherokee? Is that not a big enough market?
  11. I thought the "Mustang inspired" BEV was supposed to be revealed this year and launched next year. Has that changed?
  12. Man, this just makes the recent Nautilus refresh that much more disappointing. I hope they aren't really waiting 2 more years for the next one.
  13. Correct. This from the TTAC article: The Reserve Appearance Package, a no doubt pricey option Lincoln hopes you choose, lends the Corsair a unique grille, rockers, and wheels.
  14. Is anyone able to get the configurator to actually show the other interior color choices on the non-black label? It only shows the light color no matter which color I choose. Black label works fine and I'm able to see all three themes.