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  1. Hi,

    Well, it turns out the dealer seems to be legit with the pricing.  They had a copy of the dealer invoice including the Z plan price with my mother's signature, but did not give it to her Saturday. They showed it to me today. The Z plan discounted her car from $27,100 to 25,600.  Basically $1500.  Does that sound right?  My imagination tells me maybe they made up that Z plan document and that's not the true Z plan price. Is that crazy?  Maybe I can get her to go online to get the Z plan price from logging into the Ford plan website. 

    Thanks again.

  2. Hi,

    I'm hoping you can help me.  My Mom is a Ford retiree entitled to the Z plan price.  She got a pin # and went to the dealer yesterday to buy a 2018 EcoSport.  The MSRP was $27,100.  They charged her $26,900.  I'm sure this was definitely not a Z plan price. Her contract (invoice) appeared to be a basic  one with no special wording or sections regarding the Z plan including the Z plan price.

    I believe she was taken for a ride.    If there's any advice you have, I would truly appreciate it.  Thank you so much. 

  3. I plan on going back tomorrow with my Mom to straighten it out. What are my chances?
  4. Why wouldn't they use the Z plan documents or agreements?
  5. Thanks for the input. It can't be tho. Even the "Wow" Internet price for anyone off the street is $22,100
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me what options I may have regarding the following scenario: My Mom is a Ford retiree. She was given a PIN number from Ford for a new leftover 2018 EcoSport she wanted to purchase. She went to the dealer yesterday and bought the car. After looking over her paperwork, it appears that Ford did not use the Z plan price and charged her $1000 less than MSRP just to seem like she was getting a break. My Mom is 74 and I think they took advantage of her. Nowhere on the invoice is there a Z plan price acknowledgement. I'm going back to the dealer with her tomorrow to find out why they did this. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you..