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  1. Emilner

    2022 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    It look sleek they dropped the HP by 10 and 9 on the torque, I wonder why?
  2. Emilner

    2022 Lincoln Navigator Revealed

    There is a button on the tailgate as shown in the above diagram to close it.
  3. Car and Driver did a test with our engine and they saw a noticeable difference. Frankly, it is one of those things where we just ask over and over- why did you spend $100k on a truck and then worry about 5 bucks in gas. Here is some of what they said: Power at the wheels dropped from 380 to 360 horsepower with the change from 93 to 87 octane. That difference seemed to grow, and we could even feel it from the driver's seat at the test track. Compared with premium fuel, regular feed sapped the F-150's urgency both leaving the line and in the meat of the tach sweep. The rush to 60 mph softened to a still-blistering 5.9 seconds (from 5.3), and the quarter-mile stretched from 14.0 to 14.5 seconds, with trap speed falling 4 mph. Tapped into the Ford's CAN bus, we recorded a peak boost pressure roughly 1.9 psi lower during acceleration runs on regular gas, down more than 10 percent compared with the 18.1-psi peak on premium. The high-octane gas also helped when soft-pedaling the accelerator, elevating 75-mph fuel economy from 17.0 to 17.6 mpg. That won't make a financial case for running 93 octane, but then you didn't buy the expensive engine as a rational choice. You can think of this EcoBoost engine's more aggressive high-octane tune as a sort-of sport mode that can be switched on or off with every fill of its 36.0-gallon tank. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a28565486/honda-cr-v-vs-bmw-m5-ford-f-150-dodge-charger/
  4. Emilner

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    I totally agree. It also doesn't help that they limited it to some functionality that was surpassed over 10 years ago with other companies. It's really my only gripe with the truck but it's a big gripe.
  5. Emilner

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    Yes, it certainly has 3.0. I wasn't planning on doing anything aftermarket, I was just hoping a factory update could bring my $100k truck into the 21st century lol...
  6. Emilner

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    I have a 2019 Navigator. It is on 3.0.
  7. Emilner

    2018 Navigator Sync Update

    Are there any meaningful changes with 3.4? My main gripe is not being able to save FM and Sirius channels in the same preset group. Also not being able to just keep scrolling presets without selecting a new group is so 1990's.
  8. Emilner

    How about a larger fuel tank?

    Even at 80mph my L gets over 20mpg. I've done 90+ in my truck and it just shouldn't be a regular thing- in no way shape or form is the truck stabile at those speeds.
  9. Emilner

    How about a larger fuel tank?

    You can't compare a Nav to an F150 because you are forgetting about the 3rd row. A pickup is dead flat out back whereas that depression where your feet and folding seats go sits right over the tank necessitating it shrinking. Just think about this logically - where would you put 13 one gallon milk jugs under the truck and keep them safe? There is only so much room under there between the frame rails, in front of the axle, away from the driveshaft, exhaust and structure. I mention GM trucks because they are the main competition and are right in line. The last Escalade/Tahoe had a 26 gallon tank but when they resigned it with an independent rear like the Nav they shrunk it to 24 gallons because of the space. This isn't something you can fix, it's just not possible. I do prefer a larger tank because frankly I hate getting gas. The extra space, better ride quality and larger gas tank has had me buy ESV's and my Nav L. If it really means that much to you trade in for an L...
  10. Emilner

    How about a larger fuel tank?

    My L came with a 28 gallon tank, we never have an issue with it. I believe a 23 gallon tank is pretty standard in a short wheelbase truck and in line with GM trucks. At normal speeds there is quite a bit of range. You can't blame them for you driving exceptionally fast...
  11. Emilner

    Crazy Navigator story

    Congrats on the purchase. Just curious- being a Florida truck did it come with 4wd and all season tires?
  12. We have the same thing. I have been to the dealer twice- the first time they say it's working normal 🙄. The second time they said they reprogrammed it and it is still giving me trouble. And now the drivers outside mirror is also not going to the correct setting. Frustrating...
  13. Emilner

    Bluetooth call

    I made a quick comment because there are so many posts from viper outlining every imaginable problem. It's at the point that he/she has the worst vehicle ever made or they work for Caddy and are trolling us...
  14. Emilner

    Bluetooth call

    You clearly have a lemon.
  15. Emilner

    Deep Sleep Mode?

    The truck should shut the interior lights off after a short period of time. We go upstate NY every other week and I'm often packing the truck over a period of 20-30 minutes as we gather stuff. I just leave the gate open in the garage and after maybe 15 or 20 minutes all the interior lights are off.