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    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    Thanks, I will try that this week.
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    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong- I use Waze in CarPlay. To get back to radio you have to get out of waze, scroll one page over and select lincoln then that gets you back to audio. Is there another way of using waze? I don't know why they don't let you continue scrolling to other presets when in say XM. Now you have to load the next set of presents. I mean, come on- just go the the next set lol. I listen to a local station on FM that play classic rock and have a great morning show. And I'm often in the Hudson Valley which has a fantastic station WRRV.
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    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    Agreed on the panel alignment. Every time I fill the gas tank I look down the truck and you can see the front fender sticking out a good 1/4" from the door. One thing I really want fixed is with the audio controls. Right now I can't have XM and FM stations on the same preset "line". So you have to select XM to get to your XM presets and FM to get to your FM presets. Then if you have more than 6 presets you have to select a different preset menu to access those presets. Talk about annoying and dangerous. If you are using Waze it's 6-7 steps to change the radio station! And yes you can use the steering controls to change stations- but only within the current 6 presets you have selected.
  4. After 5 Escalades a Denali and a GL we have decided to switch over to a Navigator. There really is no comparison between the current generation Escalade and the new Nav. They really leapfrogged with this one. We never really liked the latest gen ESV but there really wasn't a second choice up until now. So yesterday we ordered a black label L- white with alpine espresso using the X plan discount. Looking forward to getting the truck but the wait will be long!