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  1. I thought Mark Fields was FAR more adept than this Steelcase-former CEO. He's a total disaster. And Billy Boy isn't helping. Also, close that darn Chicago disaster plant ASAP. Move Explorer/Aviator production to China if need be. No excuse. The Lordstown plant for GM is roses compared to this sh*t.
  2. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    That pic of the '20 Fusion S looks positively dreadful. BUT, I agree with akirby that the Fusion is still one of the best-looking mid-size sedans out there. So, soon, if we're "lucky" we'll get a raised wagon Fusion with a sticker easily clearing 40 big ones. Not for me.
  3. CLTEcoBoost

    ‘20 Escape Impressions

    I assume you have it by now, unless they held it back due to the recall. I am waiting to see how it performs in comparison tests. Reviews are generally good, with a lot of praise hesitation regarding the rough-idling turbo 3. I'm sure it'll get dinged for a nice price increase while losing 25% of an engine...we'll see.
  4. Fusion made it into the top 20 for Q3 (as #20), outselling the Malibu, Optima, Sonata, Legacy, 6 and Passat. Makes you wonder... Late yesterday, Ford announced that the Explorer ('20) and '20 Escape are being recalled. Yep, Escape already. And something with the Super Duty pickups. Having troubles with rollouts, for some reason.
  5. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Fusion Production Information

    So, the '20s have arrived and are all over AutoTrader. Funny thing is, despite the decontenting, Ford RAISED prices. What was $25,115 for a base '19 SE is now $25,495. Plus, also despite the fact that within 300 miles of my home, there are well over 1,000 '19 SEs sitting on the lots, Ford has cheapened out on incentives BIG time. While you could snag a base SE leftover last year at this time for around $16K, try $20K now and it's uncompetitive. Talk about milking the cow for as long as possible (I'm not really complaining because it will help my resale value).
  6. This has now hit practically every internet site, including the blogs/scoop sites. They are all ripping Ford to shreds. I have to say, this IS really bad stuff. Talk about a black eye...
  7. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Escape Order Guide

    We might. But everyone needs to know that Ford is in DEEP do-do with this new Escape and it can't afford to be in that fix. Charging higher prices than the competition when the competition has either 4-cylinders or turbo 4-cylinders as standard and you're offering a puny 3-cylinder turbo will cause problems right from the get-go. Prediction: the '21s will have a variety of 4T standard (or MUCH broader availability of the 2.0T). Good thing we'll be in the market in mid to late '21.
  8. Chains NEVER require maintenance or replacement.
  9. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Escape Order Guide

    Especially because I have a GM MasterCard that frequently boosts my earnings redemption allowance up to $3000. Ford offers nothing of the sort, claiming that it's new Ford Pass Rewards (what a hassle they've already been for me) is comparable. Not at all comparable.
  10. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Escape Order Guide

    I'll wait to pass further judgement until the actual road tests of the 3-cylinder start to roll in. The only article I've seen on it so far said that it was a brilliant move by Ford in case fuel prices dramatically rise. Uh...that's a mighty big "if" seeing that worldwide demand keeps falling. Then I thought that an SEL AWD with the 2.0L would work. Until I saw the outrageous $34K sticker. It's in line with every other WAY overpriced CUV out there, but I can do better shopping a non-Ford.
  11. The Owners Manual for my '17 1.5L EB says to replace the timing belt at 150K miles. I knew that it had a belt before purchase and was shying away but then the deals started. I still think it's lousy in this day and age when chains are the norm.
  12. CLTEcoBoost

    Buick Enspire Spied

    First off, several sources say that this will actually be called "Envoy", borrowing that former name from GMC. "Enspire" is a convoluted name that I can't stand, so good. Envision is NOT Escape-sized, it's Blazer/Edge sized. Apparently, it's barely selling so this vehicle will replace it. It's Escape/Equinox sized but on a slightly different platform - that of the Cadillac XT4. A possible, similarly sized GMC vehicle, more designed to compete with the upcoming Bronco would be called "Jimmy".
  13. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    I'm talking about May 2019 sales, not April.
  14. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    Well, if May sales figures for the Japanese Big 3 are any indication, Ford (and GM and FCA) might soon start sweating. MAJOR rebound in sales of midsize sedans. I hope it's because folks are getting worried and finally coming to their senses about spending $50 grand on basically a high-riding gussied-up sedan, often with less content than the sedans on which they are based. The glovebox on my '17 Fusion is not lined, but IS lighted and lockable. Better than most competitors, but the decontenting on the '18 is interesting.
  15. CLTEcoBoost

    2020 Escape Order Guide

    And if that vehicle suddenly rises in price a grand or more? They'll figure it out. Loan institutions, if they have half a brain, will be cutting back on longer term loans. So, up go the payments.