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    Don’t buy a Ford

    I took it to the closest dealer like I was instructed to do from the sales manager that I bought it from. They didn’t offer to help either so that’s two dealerships if you really wanted to know. If you want to compete with the other luxury brands, which they do then you better train your dealers to have some customer service.
  2. Auburn Al

    Don’t buy a Ford

    If Ford ever wondered why they are losing brand value to the Japanese brands I have the reason. I’ve purchased three Toyota’s in 18 years and have put over 400K miles on them. I decided to purchase a NEW truck for the first time ever. I settled on the nearly 80K Ford Raptor as a 40th present to myself. At 6000 miles I started having oil pressure issues and transmission issues. The dealer I purchased it from said I should bring it in. I did that at 8,000 miles. I brought it in and must say that Grapevine Ford must be the worst service organization. The service group was lightly staffed on that day and had to search for someone to give my truck to. The two service managers were not around, but I grabbed their cards. I left messages with both of them. One never called me back and the other’s VM says it’s broken so I need to text him, which I did. While I was waiting around I asked for some water and was told “there is a water fountain inside.” No attempts to say “let me go get that or offer a bottle water.” No attempts to go the extra mile when I clearly have major issues. The manager and I spoke on Monday and when I asked him about a loaner his response was “Did you buy that with the warranty?” Wow! Didn’t realize I needed to do that as I never bought a new car and quite frankly never had an issue with one of the Toyota’s in all those years. I would expect that you spend $80K on a car that would be the least they would do when it’s determined I have head gaskets and transmission issues four months after purchase. I Ubered for a week and had great customer service. Upon picking it up on Friday I got in to find they had driven it for about 40 miles based on the paperwork. Did they fill it up with gas after making the repairs? Nope. Did they even wash it with all the dirt from having service guys all over it. No again. I asked about it and the response was astounding. “If you were my customer I would have made sure it was washed.” Really? So, the 80K I spent at Ford doesn’t constitute me as your customer. Ford just doesn’t get it. Fact is I WAS your customer, but will never return to Grapevine Ford let alone purchase another Ford.