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  1. Gadgetjq

    Bring This Back Please

    So, in my never ending quest to offer solutions to forum member issues there's this. Boom! Slap your new storebought CD in that baby, and set it on the seat next to you. Only $30 at Best Buy. Or (more practical) just use a portable CD burner/player plugged into your USB data port. Amazon https://amzn.to/34PDsYQ
  2. Gadgetjq

    Bring This Back Please

    One more suggestion (what I use). Get an iPod touch. The 64gb model will hold around 7000 songs which should be enough to drive around with. You can set up the usual playlists, genres, artist and other categories. When plugged into Ford's USB data port the iPod is recognized and you have access to all the categories right on the screen. I'm guessing you have a fairly large music collection but if you cherry pick the tunes you actually enjoy listening to it could be whittled down to a 'my favorites' collection for the car(s).
  3. Gadgetjq

    Bring This Back Please

    That's simple enough except where the article says home wifi substitute car's bluetooth: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/turn-old-android-device-media-server/ Or: https://www.androidauthority.com/best-android-media-center-apps-581324/
  4. Gadgetjq

    Bring This Back Please

    Or......grab a thumb drive size of your choice (here's an example of 1tb under $140), load your music/photos etc on that. Or....load everything on your phone so you can use Carplay or Android Auto. Big upside, you wouldn't be limited to using it on just one vehicle. BTW it isn't just Ford deleting CD players. I recall reading an article about 3 years ago where a Mazda engineer was quoted as saying there were no vehicles with CD players on drawing boards at that time.
  5. As already mentioned this sounds like the purge valve has gone south. The problem is frequently linked to over filling the gas tank. When the tank is over filled (driver keeps clicking the handle lever to try and round off the $ amount or get a little more fuel into the tank) the fuel runs out of expansion space built into the tank and creeps into vent lines that 'should' only contain air. The charcoal canister can be polluted by gasoline and ruined, the purge valve is affected too. Suggestion. The next few times you gas up, stop a little short of a full tank. If you're lucky no permanent damage has been done and the emissions system will air itself out. If not, the purge valve is an easy fix (look for MacT YouTube videos on the subject).
  6. Gadgetjq

    2016 Edge Sync-(it doesn't)

    1. Do you have the Android Auto tab turned on in Sync3? If you're not sure go to settings and look for the icon that says Android Auto. Open it and turn the switches on. 2. Have you checked your USB cable to be sure it can handle data? Try this. Connect your phone to a computer using the USB cable then see if you can find the phone's files on the computer. If the phone isn't showing up as a drive then the cable is bad or for charging only. Find a cable that'll let you transfer files from to and from your Samsung then head for the Edge. 3. Be sure Android Auto is running on the phone then connect to the USB port in the front center console cubby (other usb ports around the car won't work). A couple of things should happen. You'll be asked for data transfer permission on the phone's screen and (once you give permission) an Android Auto tab will be added to your list of selections (already includes audio, nav, phone, setup etc). Touch that new AA tab if the app hasn't automatically started. BTW if you haven't already done so, turn on the 'new' Android auto by turning on the switch in AA's settings menu.
  7. And the question is? If it's 'how to I fix this' I'd suggest you start with the fuse. You don't mention your year/generation but for Gen2 it's #2 in the cabin fuse box. 7.5 amp. #2 is second from the top on the right. If you have an earlier generation just check your owner's manual. Cheers!
  8. Gadgetjq

    Ignition switched power on 2017 Edge

    I know, 15 month old question but nobody bothered to answer this member in all that time. So, answer: Yes there is. Using FORScan (a free program) and a proper OBDII adapter connected to a Windows laptop you can actually change the power point timing from instant off to an assortment of delays from seconds to hours. Once you have the program and cable search for a FORScan spreadsheet (there are several in the F150 forums) then look up the item you want to modify. Caution, once you begin playing with the program you're going to find all sorts of things you want to change. Do a backup before changing anything. Cheers!
  9. Gadgetjq

    Global Window Close

    I realize this is a three-year-old thread but thought I'd update it. You 'can' use the remote to both open and close the windows of a 2015+ Edge even with the BAMR. You won't find it in any of the vehicle's menus, you have to use the FORScan program. I'm sure there are FORScan discussions on this forum and sources for the OBDII cable needed so I won't go there. Once connected here's how I got the windows to roll both up/down via the remote on my '16 Edge with the Big Ass Moon Roof In FORSCAN go to BDYCM (As-Built) and change 726-17-01 to 0101 0101 014A 726-17-02 to 0101 0101 014B 726-30-01 to 0101 0000 0060 Go to DDM and change 740-05-01 Dxxx xx (swapping in the D for whatever is there now) Go to PDM and change 741-05-01 Dxxx xx (swapping in the D for whatever is there now) After making the above changes in FORScan you'll be able to press unlock/lock on your fob and then hold down unlock/lock button for a few seconds until front windows go down/up. Be sure you make all of the changes to BCM, DDM, and PDM modules. Obviously it's a good idea to 'save' your existing setup before making changes in case you want to go back for some reason. Cheers!