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  1. MasterX

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Please please please and thank you kind sir! 2007 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe 1ZVFT82H875296690 2005 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 1FMFU18525LB00462 Thank you so much!
  2. MasterX

    Ford Mustang Supercar could go V6

    Not saying the ecoboosts arent good for something, especially peppy power in a small eco package, just saying when it comes time for big power, and big reliability without having to cram 20+ PSI, or the complexity of turbo setups, V8 wins. I intend to get my hands on a 5.2 voodoo if i am able sometime in the next few years, we will see if that happens tho... If nothing else, coyote, eventually with a blower with boost at a mid range so it lasts forever. Got my eye out for a 2014 Mustang GT, because the 2015 body style just does not speak to me in the slightest.
  3. MasterX

    Ford Mustang Supercar could go V6

    heh, the expedition is actually in the shop right now getting a rebuilt trans with a shift kit, J-Mod i believe, but not very familiar with the 4R75W it has. It has just crossed over 200k, in immaculate condition inside and out, hence why im willing to spring for a trans job and not just sell it due to mileage. Still runs awesome due to care and 3k religious oil changes.
  4. MasterX

    Ford Mustang Supercar could go V6

    I grew up building push-rod engines with my dad back in the day, we put a 390 with a 4 barrel in his old f100 ranger as a project and then exploded the pumpkin case 2 weeks later doing stuff we shouldn't have been doing, but it was fun, and that instantaneous low end torque of a big v8 just cannot be replaced, even turbo builds with more power on paper don't feel the same due to spool time, turbo lag, etc... A roots blower does come mighty close tho, and with one on a V8, that right there is heaven. Makes me miss my old 04 cobra. Bought it as a wreck, got it fixed up mechanically, and most of the body, but never painted before it got t-boned in a parking lot. Im on mustang number 3, and overall Ford number eight. 72 Ford F100 (shared it with dad) (Factory 302) 67 Ford F100 (shared it with dad after it was passed down from his dad) (390 build) (we still have this one) 78 Ford F250 (Extended Cab Ranch Truck for the livestock trailer) 95 Mercury Sable (Old beater i got as a first car to myself) 96 Mustang GT (99.9% stock) 04 Cobra Wreck (spent a year putting it back togeather, and 9 months on the road before someone going crossways in a parking lot totalled it.) 07 Mustang GT (Tons of mods) 05 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
  5. MasterX

    NASCAR Popularity Continues To Fade

    Another left turn.... i have an easier time watching commercials, then watching nascar these days....
  6. MasterX

    how to increase HP on an ecoboost vehicle

    Ecoboom, stick with the v8s, my boss's new ecoboost F-150 blew cylinder 3 so bad going up a hill that the whole engine is junked, pieces came out of the oil pan. Not saying the ecoboosts are all bad, but they have a purpose, efficiency and economy, you can pull a lot of power out of them yes, but you are riding the tolerances very hard, with a larger displacement such as a v8, you are spreading the power and stress over more cylinders, more rods, a larger crank, thus you have much more room on the table to work with before shit goes off the rails. And generally, if something goes boom, it goes boom much bigger and worse, when you have a bunch of boost feeding into it.
  7. MasterX

    Ford Total Dominance at Michigan

    We need more bull run style racing, with no restrictor plates, or any of that shit. Take all the safety precautions, but let them have a real race.
  8. MasterX

    Ford Mustang Supercar could go V6

    I will leave the v6's to the fuel eco people, ill take my V8 all day long, because i can throw some boost on it when i get ancy, and nuke the turbo v6s even worse. There is no replacement for displacement, or reliability. Anyone heard of ecoboom?
  9. MasterX

    2020 GT500 pic

    Checking cell phones at the door is such a silly tactic these days, there are so many ways of getting a snap, tiny devices to hide in plain sight on ties, glasses, button cams, etc... They would need a strip search.