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    F250FL reacted to fordmantpw in 2019 F-250?   
    I've got a 2017 F350, and I absolutely love it!  It's head and shoulders above the '08 I had before that, and IMO, worlds ahead of the '11 - '16 model as well.  Like twintornados mentioned, though, I would wait for the 2020 if you don't find a smoking deal on a '19, or NEED a truck now.  The 2020 gets the 10 speed, gen 3 PowerStroke, and new 7.3L gasser. 
    On EDIT: Whatever you do, get the F350 and skip the F250.  You'll thank yourself later.
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    F250FL reacted to twintornados in 2019 F-250?   
    Unless you found a great deal on an in-stock unit, you may want to way for the 2020 line....new 7.3L gasser will be the motor to beat.