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  1. Had my 2019 Fusion 1.5 with 245 miles to the dealer about loud fuel pump sounded like a box of rocks! Dealer said they all sound like that ! well I bought a New pump from Ford and installed it.The fuel pump tappet was fine .cam looks good. sounds a little better but the engine has more power I order a hood pad and a fuel pump sound insulation housing from a 1.6 engine.Also installed an Engine cover.
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    Not pairing phone

    My 2019 Fusion keeps showing a message on large screen to pair phone How can I remove this message without pairing a phone? we have an old phone only use for emergencies
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    I think will leave well enough alone.
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    I have to make an appointment for the 19B37 Powertrain Module will discus with Dealer.
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    Top button Unlock next button Lock third button 2x unlock trunk last button Alarm My F150 has remote start fob has 2x red arrow
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    We have a new 2019 Fusion SE has FordPass connect and WI-FI I can remote start by FordPass on my IPAD. I don’t have button on key fob for remote Can I get a key fob to remote start?