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  1. hokie4life

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    Thanks guys. I'm going through Ford's RAV process and may end up doing an MSRP to MSRP. Just curious as to where other's were in the process in regards to ordering and delivery dates.
  2. hokie4life

    Has anyone ordered one yet?

    May I ask how long it took to get the VIN and window sticker after you ordered it? Also, has your dealer received the invoice yet? I’m going through a Ford vehicle requisition and I’m trying to figure how long it takes for these events to happen.
  3. I noticed quite a few videos on YouTube showing driving first impressions and reviews. No hybrid reviews yet as that still always to be embargoed for now. The first impression videos seem to be generally positive.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has ordered a 2020 Escape from your dealer and if there's any tracking info available yet. Thanks!
  5. hokie4life

    2020 Escape transmission (and RAV process)

    Ford has already agreed to buy it back. I'm just wondering how long should I expect to wait for the first offer worksheet to be sent to me.
  6. Hey Alexk. We were told by RAV that they had all of the information that they needed from me and the dealership and they've turned over my case to "formulation to crunch the numbers." How long does forumation process usually take? Should I call my RAV rep occasionally to get the status? Weekly perhaps?
  7. hokie4life

    2020 Escape transmission (and RAV process)

    As an update to all interested, our car is still at the dealership as the transmission is on backorder. We've been in a loaner longer than we've had our vehicle now. Ford RAV told me that they have all the info they needed from me and they've sent everything to the "formulation" team to crunch the numbers and come back with a buy back amount.
  8. hokie4life

    2020 Escape Production Information

    How soon will we likely see the first 2020s on dealer lots based on the the Job1 date?
  9. Can anyone point me to video of the digital instrument cluster in action? Different display modes? Transitions? Functions? I haven't been able to find any decent videos on YouTube. Thanks.
  10. Is it possible for the dealer to install an auto dimming mirror on the XLT trim? I couldn't find it as a trim level option on the Ford build site...only the Manual day/night mirror appeared to be available.
  11. Hello all. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to post this in. Ford has approved the re-aquisition of my 2019 Edge Titanium because of a transmission issue. I've been researching replacement cars and I've settled on the 2020 Ford Escape Titanium when it releases this fall (since according to most, the RAV process takes a LONG time). Fully loaded, the MSRP of the Escape is about $4,500 less than the Edge that I'm turning in. How does RAV typically handle these situations?
  12. I understand that the low-beam headlights are LED. Are the high-beams halogen or are they also LED on the XLT and Limited trims? Thanks.
  13. hokie4life

    2020 Escape transmission (and RAV process)

    Metal shavings were found in the transmission fluid. Since the miles were so low, Ford authorized a replacement transmission. From what I've been reading, a few others have noticed transmission issues warranting a stop at the service department. For us, it was a shutter when traveling at low speeds and a hard downshift from 3rd to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd. On the first visit, they reset the PCM and told us to drive another 500 miles so the computer can relearn our driving habits. No improvement was noted so we took it back to the dealer and that's when they found the metal shavings. The car had been at the dealer for a month now (NC law allows for 20 days in the all before the lemon law takes affect). Once we opened a case it took about a week for the good faith reviewe to approve the buyback. Now we're waiting to hear from the RAV group to start the process. We're looking at a loaded 2020 Escape hybrid. We really would like a 2020 Explorer but I don't we can make the MSRP to MSRP deal to work to get the model we want with all bells and whistles and shell out thousands more.
  14. hokie4life

    Hello everyone

    I'm Eric from NC. 4 of the last 5 vehicles we've had have been Ford Escapes. Right now, we have a 2019 Escape SE as my commute vehicle. We previously had a 2017 Escape Titanium that we traded in for a 2019 Edge back in May. Due to transmission issues, Ford has authorized a buyback or replacement. We're currently looking forward to the 2020 Escapes that will come out this fall. I'm hoping to learn a lot more about the 2020 Escape before committing on our next vehicle.
  15. Hello all. New member here. We're in the process of going through a vehicle buyback or replacement with Ford. Our 2019 Edge Titanium with 1500 miles on it is being reaquired due to transmission issues. We were told that the 2019 Edge had a newly designed 8-speed transmission. I know that the 2020 Escape will come with multiple types of engines but I'm most concerned with the transmission. We'd like to get a closer look at the hybrid model but we're concerned about the transmission that will be used in that model. Will the Hybrid model likely come with a CVT instead of what may not be the traditional 8-speed transmission? Also, for those that have gone through the RAV process, were you able to special order the vehicle you wanted as an MSRP to MSRP swap or were you forced to choose from dealer stock? Thanks in advance