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  1. Will wait till next year, and get next year's model 😛
  2. Thanks. Figures... Now the question is what's the best bang for the buck in the after market? anybody have any experience/recommendations?
  3. Okay. I think I goofed on one option choice I made on my 2019 GT.. I didn't upgrade the factory stereo from 9 to 12 speakers... Figured the Roar of the exhaust would would compensate, but I'm still wanting some BASS from the stereo, and the 9 speaker version doesn't cut it.. I'm looking for options.: Can I go back to Ford and order the upgrade to B&O or am I too late, if yes, is the B&O worth it?? If i'm too late for the B&O, what options does anyone recommend for an upgrade... Looking for a sub at minimum that could work with the current 9spkr system, without tearing the whole car apart:: ) Suggests/Thoughts/Polite Limericks are welcomed Rob