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  1. PeteinMI

    2012 Expedition EL passenger side noise

    Crazy noise. Maybe try to pull that 'fuse' to confirm the solenoid is not the issue. Good luck.
  2. PeteinMI

    Wait Time?

    Not sure. But that is going to be a nice looking Ranger!
  3. Very cool. Nice looking ranger by the way!
  4. PeteinMI


    I just looked at a 2016 Expedition and the rear hatch was already starting to bubble...unbelievable. I was nervous about checking the rocker panels...lol
  5. PeteinMI

    Troubleshooting misfire on 2012 5.4 3V

    Thanks for the update. I had a sort of similar problem. Driving down the highway and one cylinder cut out. Thought for sure it was a coil. Ended up being a broken valve spring. I sure got lucky that it did not do any other damage. About a 30 minute repair and I was all set.
  6. PeteinMI

    Well I guess the Bronco rumors were true...

    Thanks for the link!