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  1. SCFords

    Next Gen F-150 Spied

    I just bought a used 2013. I don't know if I could afford a NEW one EVER. 🙂
  2. SCFords

    Lost Keys

    I bought some keys off eBay and used the FORSCAN software to actually program my keys for our 2004 Mustang a while back. It actually worked! Just had to get the key pattern cut. It is a process that takes a few minutes, though, and you have to be willing to take a chance and possibily have to clear the keys from the car computer. I haven't tried it on a newer Ford.
  3. This brought back some memories. My parents had a really ugly green 1971 or 72Torino 500 2 door with a green vinyl roof. I believe it had a 351 Cleveland in it, though!
  4. Does anyone have recommendations for some window vent shades for my new used 2013 reg cab STX? My old 1998 f-150 had a brand called VENT SHADE on the windows. Not sure if they are around anymore. Thanks in advance. SCFords
  5. Just joined today to check out some of the forums. Greetings from Easley, SC