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    Full sliding rear window

    Yes, I love that in the Toyota. Would like to see it in the Ford. If you had that with the sunroof you could almost feel like you were in a convertible or a jeep on summer drives - but yet have a much more practical vehicle for driving!
  2. R and S in MT

    What the F150 Needs in the next Generation - Towing

    I second this as a like-to-have feature. A lot of folks are buying Ecoboosts to tow campers!
  3. I am curious about this too. I am hoping to buy a New-to-me, used Ecoboost. I am wondering if I need to stretch my budget to try to get a newer generation Ecoboost. Most of the trucks in my budget are in the 2012-15 model years. Having just sold a truck that I had to replace the engine in due to Cam Phaser issues, I don't want to make that mistake again. It has been hard to determine if I should wait to buy the newer gen or not. I tend to find mostly positive comments about the Ecoboost engines, but I don't want to fall into "confirmation bias" and miss something.
  4. R and S in MT

    20" or 18" factory wheels. Pros and Cons.

    Does anyone know if the wheel size changes the tow capacity ratings on the newer F-150s? In our previous 06 Ford, we had a lower towing capacity due to the larger wheel size that came stock with the truck. I am looking to upgrade to a 2013 or newer and want to keep a higher tow capacity for hauling our camper. Thanks.
  5. R and S in MT

    Floor Liners

    I have used Weather Tech in the past but I appreciate hearing about other options!
  6. R and S in MT

    5.4 triton

    I just know that I wish I had read more about the Triton engine before buying a 06 F150. We bought a used one with 120K, and had it inspected at a Ford Dealer before purchase. They gave it a clean bill of health, but we didn't drive it 2 months before the Cam Phaser Issue became apparent. We had to drop over $6K to get the engine replaced. =( Wish I had done more homework. That said, I am looking at replacing the truck with an Ecoboost.
  7. R and S in MT

    Don’t buy a Ford

    As with every manufacturer, there are some good ones and some bad ones. I swore I would never buy another Ford after having problems with a 5.4 Triton and having to replace the engine prematurely. But, you can't judge a giant company by one bad egg - here I am back to Ford to buy an Ecoboost F-150. I have just heard too many good things about them to ignore them.