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  1. Looked everywhere for a set of factory seat covers but was not able to find any. I found a used set on Craigslist with no rips. Two trips through the washer and a new seat back foam and now it is looks and feels great. The old foam was worn out and torn do the lumbar support dug into my back.
  2. Thanks again @ice-capadesfor the window sticker, it confirmed I had keyless entry, so I ordered some remotes and programmed them and viola, it worked!  

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      Great! Glad that the information helped!

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    Drivers side top foam section of seat was trashed, have a new one ordered. 78K with 5000 hours. Good shape, still have to remove glue and remaining stickers. Everything works on the car, however the tires are out of balance, sat for a year so maybe flat spots. Plan on routine maintenance then start to add HP improvements.
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    2020 Nascar season

    Starts today!!
  5. Would keyless entry be on a 2011 CVPI?
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    Hey folks, original owner of a 2005 F250 Long Bed 4 door 6.0, that I love and will never give up. Bought a 2011 CVPI yesterday as a hobby car. Glad to be here.