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  1. Peugfan

    Mustang Mach Order Placed

    What does Job1 date mean? Does that imply all production glitches have been worked out and they are ready for full scale production? They must have done a few test runs before then. Just curious and anxious.
  2. Peugfan

    Mustang Mach Order Placed

    I converted my Mach E reservation to an order. Premium trim, Extended range battery, AWD and Infinite Blue Metallic with space gray interior. Now it remains to be seen how Ford will set production order. First Edition will be among the first produced and Premium trim prioritized over Select trim. How will they schedule higher reservation numbers who order early vs a lower reservation number who waits to convert his reservation to an order? Also where in the schedule will they make the European model? I have a 331xx (higher) reservation number so do not know if that means late 2020 or early 2021. The Cuautitlan plant should be able to produce the 50,000 cars in much less than 12 months if batteries and parts can be supplied in a timely manner. The plant is rumored to start full production in August. I'm starting to get excited!
  3. Peugfan

    Mach E Build Configure live

    No, but Ford has said soon without any definite date. I imagine they want to make sure the production line is ready before committing. I hear they are still getting the assembly line equipment in place in the Cuautitlan plant. Europe is getting a priority on 2020 deliveries. Since my reservation was later, 02/01/2020, I do not expect delivery until 2021. Since your reservation was much earlier than mine it might be possible to get a 2020 delivery? No communications from the dealer yet.
  4. Peugfan

    Mach E Build Configure live

    There are about 50,000 of us who have already built our Mach E since Nov 2019 and have put down our $500 reservation deposit just waiting for Ford to start production in a few months. The actual order will take place soon when Ford opens up the order process. The reservation reserves you a spot in the line. Unless there are reservation dropouts, the first years production of 50,000 units are sold (or at least reserved) out. And the GT model will leave the Shelby Cobra drivers looking at taillights on a 0-60 run! At this point options seem to limited to choosing one of 3 trim models, FWD/AWD, and Std range vs Ext range battery size. I am guessing they are limiting options so they can make money from Day 1. I can't wait for my Premium, AWD, Extended Range.
  5. I do not know enough to answer your question. Maybe it takes time for the body to learn how to fight the invader. My daughter is an MD and I will ask her.
  6. The Covid-19 virus has really nothing to do with the flu and comparisons to it should not be made. Flu viruses are all based on human DNA sequencing and the body immune system recognizes them and has some immunity to them either from previous flu strains or from flu vaccinations. The Covid-19 virus came from an animal DNA sequence which the human immune system does not recognize. That means we have NO immunity and our body does not put up a fight. The Covid 19 virus jumped from animal to human in December in China, then quickly mutated again to allow human to human transmission within a matter of weeks! There are already 2 versions of the virus. For reasons as yet unknown in some patients the virus proceeds to destroy the lungs. If the body cannot get enough oxygen you die. So most of us are very vulnerable to this highly contagious virus and it's somewhat a crap shoot who lives and who dies. For me, I am patiently waiting for Ford to start up their Mustang Mach-E production in Mexico. I have a reservation deposit. I certainly want my Mach E, but I also want to be here to enjoy it so we need Ford to be responsible in their start up plans.