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  1. TakeshiJin

    Terrible MPG

    This 100% Makes sense. I had the water sound from behind the dash board but the Lincoln or Ford Service representative could never find out what's wrong or Duplicate it they told me everything was fine. I also had them investigate the MPG in the past they said it was fine with 50/50 city highway reporting 20 expected MPG during their test and they flashed the newer transmission software, My Lincoln was made around 6/6/2016 and was sold around 8/16/2016 So it is definitely one of the few MKZ off the line early 2016 before 2017. Should I have them personally investigate the spark plugs or cylinder heads what justification and reasoning should i Provide them?
  2. Yes Please give me us RWD 4 DR Sedan for Lincoln!!!! or a RWD Lincoln Coupe version of the Mustang Architecture 👌.
  3. TakeshiJin

    Water Spots After Washing

    I think it's best you wash it in the shade. However I recommend checking your Microfibre Cloth Make sure your using one for washing and ANOTHER Seperate one fro Drying. Rinse, Clean Solution, then Rinse Again , then a new Clean Microfiber dry. When your drying only dry in horizontal and vertical direction make a clean streak do not swirl I repeat "DO NOT SWIRL DRY or do any circular motion!" you will get spots especially easy that way. Process is a big part of cleaning the car correctly. I hope this helps.
  4. Hi Robbo, If you want the cleanest looking solution then I would suggest the JL Audio Subwoofer box from the link below. However this will only increase the bass. You would still need to increase the number of speakers in which you would pick you favorite Coaxial speaker brand to replace the to back shelf speakers which are just mid range . The new co-axial speakers should be of a good brand increasing the quality of your mids and adding on a treble with the tweeter co-axial in which the setup will finally sound the closet to the B&O system : might be better if you tweak everything right. JL Subwoofer Box
  5. TakeshiJin

    2020 Mustang Production Information

    Hi Ice, When I try and build the Mustang GT Premium on Ford's website build mustang it shows Performance package 1 as $5195 an increase of $1200 vs 2019 Mustang GT which is $3995. Do you know if there is any extra equipment not listed on the listed on surface accounting for this $1200 increase or is it just a pure $1200 increase from year to year purposes?
  6. TakeshiJin

    Terrible MPG

    Hi Jcart, Yeah I am getting low M{G on my MKZ 3.0 AWD CPO as well about 15-17 in the city and highway os anywhere between 26-28 by computer readings. However most fuel ups I average around 17-20 MPG and I would only get above average 20/21 MPG if I DROVE Highway like 70% plus of the time which is ridiculous. The higher MPG favors cruising around 55-60 MPG is when I got my best MPG reading of like 23.5 MPG Average from calculations and 26 MPG average from the trip computer. The Car's Fuel Information is always higher then what I recorded on my calculations for every fuel up since I acquired it for the past year. I also drive like a grandma except for the occasional Run it down the ramp joy.
  7. TakeshiJin

    How do you like the 2019 MKZ Hybrid?

    I am living with a 2019 Reserve II Hybrid with LUX as a Service Loaner for the past 5 weeks due to COVID 19 lol. Before that I lived with an 2017 MKZ Hybrid Reserve Fully Loaded With Lux / Pana. The one Significant change imo from weeks of driving both is the Break Pedal Feel in the 2019 is ALOT WEAKER LIKE IT feels EMPTY until you reach a certain point. Due to this less break bite and fuel I have been averaging significantly worse fuel economy then the 2017 in the 2019 38.5 MPG AVG vs 42.4 MPG Average in the 2017. Another factor may be the Loaner is entirely new had 600 miles before I took it so maybe breaks are not set yet or Rubber on tires not solidified or engine break in. All of these could be a factor. As for all the other amenities nothing really much has changed.
  8. TakeshiJin

    Continental Black Label Coach

    It's like a rolls / Bentley for 1/2 to 1/4 the price!!!
  9. TakeshiJin

    Nautilus first world problem

    I think the badging is worth it. It's like a exclusivity factor as I want to feel proud I have a Black Label with Venetian Leather and Broadcast it to the world saying I am different but not loud :)!!! Also the Black Letters help Identify the car too from a regular non-black label car.