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  1. F350buyer

    Leaf Spring to Coil Conversion

    Beautiful Bronco! I had a 93. Was a bone stocker that I put a 6” Dick Cepec lift on. With that being said, I also had a rear sag issue after the lift. Took the dick cepec blocks out and made my own. Made the slightly angled to correct the pinion pitch while at it. You could easily swap the factory blocks which look like little pizza slices from the side for slightly larger blocks and that would be super cheap. You would still have that factory ride too. You could also get some rubber springs from a company called Timbren to assist with the sag and firm up the ride a little. Other than that, you could always buy a nice inexpensive 4” lift kit that includes all new springs if you want to have to buy some new tires and wheels. Don’t bother re’arcing the factory springs though, it doesn’t last. As far as coil suspension swap? I say why? Most likely a nightmare to find the correct spring rate that works.. Definitely WAY labor intensive without any sort of real payoff. I mean unless you plan on chopping your rear end off to accommodate better departure angles when off roading, there’s no point. Leafs flex awesome, better than coils without the binding and obstruction of lower control arms, upper control arms, track bar etc.. I see no point whatsoever.
  2. F350buyer

    Vehicle locater forum

    I’ll chill. Maybe ask whoever wrote the rule bible to take a chill as well. Totally unwelcoming and actually offensive. lit a fire under me as you can see...
  3. F350buyer

    Vehicle locater forum

    One more thing.. I wasn't even sure this is where I was suppose to post. Why in the world is the Announcements forum commingled with the site feedback? Oh well, here is your site feedback post which everybody will see in your announcements / site feedback forum for some reason.
  4. Holy crap! Has anybody here actually sat and read the entire list of 20 rules (rants) for that forum? What a bunch of hot garbage. I read through all 20 of those rules (rants) couldn’t absorb even half of it so I read it again.. Actually got scared and thought Jesus I better make a clean post or somebody is going to go ape shit on my ass. Talk about treating people like dirt... Then! Upon preparing my post with vin number, I notice something else.. MORE RULES! Rules Required To Post Here • This service is being provided by Ford employees on a voluntary basis. • Abuse of this service or those providing it will result in account suspension or deletion. • You must have made fifteen (15) good posts on this site before you can post here. Frivolous posts will result in account deletion. • Do not bump topics that are less than one (1) week old. This is where I finally notice I’m not even done finding all the rules to post In that forum and realize I’m also not even worthy. I now have to have 15 posts which were never mentioned in the first 20 rules I painfully read through twice. Now on top of that, somebody has to deem my posts “good posts”???? How do I know if my posts even qualify as “good”? Jesus get a life... I’ll cow and bow to the powers that be when they start making my truck payments. Until then, I’ll just call my dealer and ask my sales rep how my trucks coming along. Sure it would be fun to see and discuss It online with a friendly bunch, but not when I need to worry that I might unintentionally piss off the wrong cranky ford employee. A Ford employees that is now going to go take a big heaping crap in my back seat on shipping day because now he has my vin number. Thanks but no thanks!
  5. Jeep announced they were manufacturing at 70% a while back and that got me thinking about my factory order from Ford. For a couple weeks now I have searched the internet trying to find out how Ford is doing. Just wondering if things are back to normal or maybe close to normal? Im curious because I have a F350 currently on order.
  6. F350buyer

    Howdy from Phoenix AZ

    Hi all. New to this forum . Have had a factory order F350 for about a month now so excited about that. I’m also Frequently on JLwrangler forums and bronco6G forums. I have a Jeep wrangler that just sits mostly in the garage which may or may not get sold when the Bronco is available. I have been mostly a GM guy for quite some time but I can no longer take how the trucks just get uglier and uglier since about 2008. I’m Back into Fords and very excited about a few upcoming vehicles for 2021 model year. Anyway, ordered a new 2020 F350 because out of 1000’s of “in stock” trucks at 100’s of dealers across the entire southwest, I could not find one spec’d how I wanted it. I ordered on May 21’st and was told to expect in September because the plants had just opened up. I’m hoping it doesn’t take longer but it is what it is. Been a lurker for a little while so it’s cool to sign up and finally be official!