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  1. https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugxxy6R0ay6-Nl8kSlZ4AaABCQ This'll be a fun rivalry
  2. Broncofan7

    New gen Raptor pics

    Taking a trick out of Wrangler vs. Bronco. Love it.
  3. Broncofan7

    New gen Raptor pics

    https://www.tfltruck.com/2020/08/2021-ford-f-150-raptor-spied/ Hope to see a V-8 of some kind as an option.
  4. Broncofan7

    Ford Maverick tailgate leaked

  5. I would love to see the Ford Everest sold in the U. S. Ignoring the Bronco, I feel like the Everest would be good competition for the GC and the ancient 4runner, both of which consistently sell well. Of course, the Bronco does exist, so product cannibalization might be a factor in a U. S. market, but I think both vehicles can coexist like Wrangler and GC. We shall see.
  6. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/exclusive-ford-bronco-pickup-coming-battle-jeep-gladiator/ I hope this goes here best
  7. Has an Expedition Raptor ever been discussed/considered at Ford?
  8. Thanks everyone! It looks like a 4 door Sasquatch Badlands with 2.7l is the one. Beautiful ride they got!
  9. Can a Badlands Bronco be equipped with a 2.7? I'm seeing varying info depending on the source.
  10. Lol I know that one is very out there, but perhaps it could do something along the lines of a Jeep Rescue Concept (not necessarily based on such a heavy vehicle though) or a three-row Bronco to have more storage/bring the large family while off-roading. Crazy, but could maybe work.
  11. Interesting... I've always hoped to see a Bronco Sport Trac pickup and Bronco Max based on a platform bigger than the Ranger in my wildest dreams honestly.
  12. Would such a pickup truck even be based on the midsize bof Bronco?
  13. That is a lot of information to digest all at once. First, the Sport actually looks really good. For not really being a fan of crossovers, they did very well on that for me. The Bronco's interior looks really simple and functional to me. Great layout and design. And it looks Ford really thought of everything from the doors, to the roof, etc. Everything I wanted in that regard. Well done.
  14. Wow that is a great family of vehicles. The customizability from the factory and the aftermarket is great. Like the 2.7 here a lot!
  15. Good luck to all involved tonight! Looking forward to seeing the beginning of the Bronco brand. With what we already know, the Bronco will be highly innovative in its segment, so it should be great. Heck, in a few years, I hope to even see some type of full-size Bronco as well