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  1. Broncofan7

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    Not a definite answer, but: Ford Ranger Raptor R With V8 Power Could Be In The Works (motor1.com)
  2. 2024 Ford Mustang prototype caught in new spy photos (autoblog.com)
  3. Broncofan7

    BRONCO is now a "Nameplate' they should build

    Would something like the new Jeep Overlook Concept applied to the Bronco work?
  4. Very interesting read. I was unaware that this proposal existed. I wonder with the C8's success if Ford would reexamine selling an affordable mid-engine car. Hope so.
  5. Great looks combining the Raptor and Bronco designs.
  6. Good idea! I could definitely see hints dropped with this.
  7. Ford Bronco DR is a V8-powered Baja truck you can own (autoblog.com)
  8. Broncofan7

    Jeep Wrangler 3-row concept

    This all just goes to show how competitive the Bronco is. Kudos to Jeep on a decent idea.
  9. Is the 6.8L even a thing anymore? I can't recall seeing news on it since the original rumors.
  10. 2023 Ford Super Duty Prototype Spotted Testing For First Time (fordauthority.com)
  11. Broncofan7

    2022 Ford Expedition News

    Great update in my opinion, though unsure if I like the one screen being that big. 2022 Ford Expedition revealed, with high-riding off-road Timberline trim (autoblog.com)
  12. I agree with this. I think if Ford makes the calculation that a Bronco brand has longevity, they will go full in on it. Though I am unsure of the independent suspension specifically, I could see the possibility of it happening. Perhaps it could go on an Expedition/Navigator platform if IRS, not counting capacity issues.
  13. Well, after the disappointing news about the pickup truck (reconsider that one Ford!), here's a conversation about Bronco's potential in other segments: Upscale Ford Bronco With Fixed Roof Might Happen (motor1.com)
  14. Broncofan7

    Has It Started?

    God Bless all those affected by this disaster. Nothing else to say but pray.