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  1. Froggie

    Aviator GT Order

    You right about that . I found other glitches like PAAK doesn't work smoothly and also how the DTE is calculated is puzzling me : I had 360 miles with a full tank and a 32.1 mpg ????!!!!! I will soon pay a visit to the dealer and I'll keep you posted.
  2. Something else concerning the HUD for a Lincoln PHEV (Aviator GT for me) : the EV range is not displayed only the gas range. Has anybody the same problem ?
  3. Same thing for me. Ordered from Witt. then nothing. The new guy in charge Matthew doesn't answer your questions (call, text or Email). For a 90,000.00$ car nobody explains anything, not even a little drive for the basics. Warning in the financial department you have a lady Kathy who try to sell you a lot of options. She sold me an alarm for 995$, I asked her if the car had already one, she didn't know. Now I ask for refund because the GT has an alarm with outdoor and indoor sensors, but no answer. Last thing you can do : call the Lincoln concierge. Very bad experience. But the Aviator GT is nice.
  4. Froggie

    Aviator GT Order

    Well it's October first 2020 and the problem is still pending : no EV range in the HUD
  5. Froggie

    Aviator GT Order

    Hi, I just received my GT and I have the same problem : no EV miles in the HUD , I tried in every mode with 22 EV miles to go, any clue ?
  6. My GT has been fixed beautifully by the Palm Springs Dealer. I regret the choice I made when I ordered the car. Money is not everything. I want now enjoy my car and forget about the miserable experience I had with Penske Lincoln La Mesa. I will be wiser in the future.
  7. Everything is not fixed but I hope it will be soon. Here is the review I wrote on the Lincoln Survey : This is the worst experience I had in a long time. After waiting 4 months my Aviator GT I finally received a call from the Sales manager (I never had answers to my questions during the wait, I received all the information about my car thru the blueoval forum from the Ford guys, those people are amazing and this forum is a big help). This Thursday the Sales Manager told me that my car had scratches from the transport and asked me to come on Monday. Monday noon I was here , nothing has been done. Seeing that I was angry he told me to come back at four. Before that we had to do the paperwork. I signed a lot of documents plus a credit application, I was surprised because I paid cash, they wanted my incomes and bank information, I was puzzled and asked why, at the end they say : "ok write down your name and sign, that's it". Then I went to the financial department where a lady asked a lot of signatures and offered me a lot of options. The first one was an 995$ alarm , I asked many times if the car had an alarm, nobody was able to answer me, so I accepted the alarm, the lady told me that I will be contacted in the next 2 days and somebody will show up to my place to do the installation. It's now 10 days and I saw nothing coming , no need to say that I tried to contact the lady and left message but as always no answer. I discovered after that the car has an alarm with indoor and outdoor sensors. After that I returned to my hotel to be prepared for the 4pm delivery. At 4 I discovered the most crappy job ever, they put some paint on the scratches , horrible. Seeing me so horrified the Sales Manager asked me to bring back the car for two days. The round trip to the dealer is 5 hours plus two hotel nights, I asked him if the Lincoln dealer near my home could do the painting, he said yes. Another thing : when I built my car on the Lincoln site I chose an accessory (front and rear dash cams), during the four months waiting for my car I asked who was doing the installation, I never had an answer. So when I had the Sales Manger on the phone the Thursday I asked him the same question , he had to tell me something, he said that he asked the workshop and the cost could be 750$, I said OK. BUT on Monday he said something different : first he didn't have the accessory and second I would be a guinea pig because nobody did the installation before and he didn't recommend it !!!! just FYI I found near my home a garage who is doing a lot of modifications on cars and charge 300$ to do the installation with no visible cables. Now probably you would ask why I chose Lincoln La Mesa so far away from my place ? I checked with a lot of dealers and they offered me a very good discount (5000$ difference with the Palm Springs dealer). I understand now but maybe I am wrong why they did that. I received the discount from the Witt family and they sold the dealership to Penske Jr, just assuming not sure. But now I deeply regret no to have chosen the Palm Springs dealer because the people there are very helpful and nice, they first tried to join Penske Lincoln with no success (of course) and left messages because they needed the paper from the carrier to do the paint job. The next day they call me that everything was OK. Right now the car is in their body shop. So this an awful experience, and I'm just thinking maybe it's because I'm French and they don't like European , I don't know, I hope not and maybe it's because I'm not American and I see thing differently, BUT my American friend was with me and she was horrified by the situation and I had to calm her. Now the car will be fixed but what about the alarm ? I sent a text asking if this alarm was really a big improvement and in that case I confirmed my order , if not I asked for a refund. It's now 4 days and no answer, what can I do ? Just to finish this I know that the name Penske is very prestigious so I am really surprised to find their people so incompetent , something has to be done but for now stay away from that dealer. And the Aviator GT ? : a blessing , I love that car and it is giving me all I was waiting for. I had a Porsche in France and that brand is a must but really with the Aviator, Lincoln did really good. Sorry to be so long but I hope that you People, at Lincoln could do something to avoid this kind of situation in the future. For the people on the forum : I will keep you posted if I receive a reaction from Lincoln.
  8. I finally received my GT. A lot of problems with the delivery (dealer : now took over by Penske Jr from the Witt family)). I don't tell you more but I will when the situation would ease. The car is great anyway
  9. Sorry to bother you again but I’m pretty excited and I check the status of my car every day and now I have : primarystatus is “in transit” , status was “passing” then “passing arrival” then nothing. Do you think it’s good news ? last thing I know my car was in Kansas last week. Thank you again
  10. You know guys it’s impressive the information you can learn on this forum and I’m realy happy to be part of it. Thank you all.
  11. You are right Akirby, hopefully it doesn’t matter now, but I’m sure I was unlucky with my order. The plant received the order on the 3rd of June and the production started on the 12th of August. Furthermore the dealer told me that the Chicago plant was shutdown that is false : they were down for two days in May due to a Covid case and then were working 24/7, no shutdown since. Now I hope that my car will be ok without any issues and I will forget all about this. I will post pictures as soon as I receive it and thank you everybody for your support
  12. Finally the dealer called me today (it’s a new boss). It was time because the relationship was becoming sour. I think the guy is trustworthy and we can do good business together. He told me and it’s weird that they gave me a high priority of 01 and they are not aware of the scale 10-19. He answered me about the installation of the dashcam so everything looks good now. My car is in Kansas as for today.
  13. Thank you for giving me your opinion and all this information. It’s a big help and I really appreciate. Please stay safe and I will keep you posted when I receive the car.
  14. Thank you CoolScoop for your support. I’m very excited and I love the Aviator. I only want to avoid any problem and I know it’s coming.