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  1. Sagemax

    Escape 2020 PHEV

    Hi, Can you please provide an update on 1FMCU0LZXLUC11016 Tkanks you
  2. Sagemax

    Escape PHEV delivery

    Is there a production planned soon for the Quebec of 2020 Escape PHEV?
  3. Sagemax

    2021 Escape Production Information

    I hope to have mine before the end of September and take advantage of the Ford employee discount. It is much better than the agreement reached last April.
  4. Sagemax

    2021 Escape Production Information

    I'm really looking forward to the production. I ordered mine in April and still nothing to date.
  5. Sagemax

    Escape 2020 PHEV

    OK, Thank you
  6. Sagemax

    Escape 2020 PHEV

    Hello Cyberdman, When you get a chance may I get an update on 2020 Ford Escape PHEV - VIN 1FMCU0LZXLUC11016. Is the Scheduled to Day (2020-09-10 ) is always good ? Thank you!!
  7. Thank you for all ! Good luck for the future
  8. Sagemax

    Escape 2020 PHEV

    Thank you
  9. Sagemax

    Escape 2020 PHEV

    Excuse me for the inconvenience, but is it September 10, or October 9? Thank you for the precision
  10. Sagemax

    New user of Canada

    Hello, I am from Quebec, Canada. My first two vehicles were Fords. I had a few more talked about it afterwards, and now I have fallen for the new Escape 2020 PHEV, which I should receive soon. Excuse the sentence constructions, because I have to use a translator. I greet everyone
  11. Maybe, I'll check it when I receive my vehicle ... To be continued!
  12. Hello, I would like to have information about my order, and thank you for taking the time to help us 1FMCU0LZXLUC11016
  13. Sagemax

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Is it possible to have the legend for the different colors that we see in the posts?
  14. Sagemax

    2020 Escape - A/C No Automatic Cold Air

    There is surely an ECO mode, which only blows the outside air ... Check it out!