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  1. Kartergreg

    Hardwire Radar Detector

    You could pull the panel above the rear view mirror as there is power there. You would have to probe the wires and find a combination that is on with the ignition. I thought about that when I installed mine but decided it would be easier to run a wire under the front edge of the headliner and down the drivers side A pillar to the fuse panel there just below the dash. Was so easy and quick. Also found the right ignition controlled fuse to use.
  2. I'll be getting my Aviator back tomorrow that was in for water leaks also. 2nd row carpet was a bit wet and there was almost 2 inches of water in the spare tire well. There was a TSB for the rear leak which was addressed, and it took them a while to find the front leak which they told me at first was weather stripping. They say now it is fixed and it seems to be the drain lines. I'll know more tomorrow when they deliver the vehicle to me. Mine was a July 20 build. How is it they are still having these issues? When I wanted the Aviator back when they said they were waiting on weather stripping I told them I needed to pick it up as I was headed on a trip and was not supposed to put that many miles on the loaner (supplied by Enterprise). Told me my trip would be OK, and besides my vehicle interior was all apart. I assume that included the headliner. Not to worried about them returning it to normal. My other car is a Mercedes and last year had to have the headliner replaced under warranty because it was sagging. Looks perfect.
  3. Kartergreg

    My Aviator experience

    Was at Winn-Dixie yesterday and a couple of times the week before last. Pristine white with sandstone interior. Yep, Tamiami Trail to Krome to US1. My place is in Eden Pines.
  4. Kartergreg

    My Aviator experience

    I am in the Keys now too with my Aviator as I go back and forth between Big Pine and Naples. Almost bought an Aviator from Pompano, or was it Doral Lincoln. Talked with both but what they had that I wanted was an early build that was still available 9 months later. Ordered mine from my dealer in Naples June 5th and picked it up July 31. Loving it.
  5. Might be your dealer. I ordered my Aviator June 5. Was built early in July and I took delivery July 31. Exactly 8 weeks, although it arrived at the dealer a few days before I picked it up.