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  1. I've only ever seen the tach on the left side, on my 2020 BL. Honestly, though, with the Heads Up Display, I almost always keep my eyes on the road and hardly ever glance at the instrument cluster!
  2. 2020-2021 Lincoln Aviator Recalled Over Rearview Camera Issues (fordauthority.com)
  3. Uh Oh! Lincoln Aviator recalled over rearview camera issues
  4. BriBoy

    Welcome lighting not working

    Try hitting the unlock button on your intelligent access key (or phone as a key), and then approach the vehicle. Note: the welcome lighting seems to only work once per ignition cycle... from my experience that is.
  5. BriBoy

    New Owner Impressions

    I know I'm late to the party, but if anyone is perusing these threads looking for input, I'd like to share how we decided on build. Built the Black Label with class IV trailer tow, dynamic handling, and full rear console. Built each model except GT, because we need the added towing capacity. Built a Standard with all safety features, plus hitch, and dynamic handling. Built a Reserve II with all safety features, hitch, and dynamic handling. Reserve I wasn't enough for what we wanted (needed) Prnted out full specs for each build, and laid out the pages on the kitchen counter. Go through each line, mark down the differences. Yes, you can save 5 or 10 thousand dollars, but look closely. The Black Label is all around the better car. No regrets here.
  6. BriBoy

    My Aviator experience

    Someones else's Aviator, then! Sounds like a beautiful combo, pristine white and sandstone! Nice! We're in Pine Ridge, behind Blue Hole. I love living here!
  7. BriBoy

    My Aviator experience

    Congratulations! I may have seen your Aviator at Winn-Dixie? I took my test drive at Doral, but didn't care for their management style. Pompano was first class all the way. What a wonderful drive for you, BPK to Naples. Cruising the Keys never gets old, and I bet you take Tamiami. See you around the island!
  8. BriBoy

    My Aviator experience

    Thank you! That's Flight Blue. It looks like a different color everytime I look at it! Must be the sky. At the dealer it looked a lot more blue. Down here in the Keys it looks a lot more gray. Or my eyes... wait let's not go there lol
  9. BriBoy

    Lincoln Aviator Gas Tank issues

    Thank you, rampagex7. What I meant was, why is it a big deal to only pump 14 gallons, I know it's a big deal to run completely out of gas. Thank you for your reply, explaining the GT and how it handles the low fuel/low charge situations. I have a BL petrol. which I like to keep full of fuel, always.
  10. Allow me to share my Aviator Journey: Ford announces the return of the Aviator. We are going to get one. Enter the billion dollar Explorer/Aviator debacle. No way are we getting one now. Decide on the GLE450 4Matic. Test drive, it's sporty, and amazing tech. 82 grand, ok, ouch. We want it from Germany, but they are built only in Alabama. Not a deal breaker. At least test drive the Aviator before going Mercedes. I step into the driver's seat, close the door, and the Mercedes was voted off the island. OK how do we get a good one? Plan to visit the Chicago Auto Show and talk to the factory reps. That didn't happen. OK, keep researching. Learn to decipher the window sticker. Insist on seeing the odometer. Focus. Why are all of the Aviators at the dealers five, six months old? Look at the manufacturing date. August, September 2019? STAY AWAY. (now reading through these forums, and seeing all the problems and unhappy people). I love Lincoln. Been driving Lincoln since the 90's. Realize this is a brand new model. I have learned from Microsoft not to upgrade my Windows computer with a new OS until they come out with the first service pack. Use that mindset when looking for a car. Don't just go buy one off the lot because it's such an awesome car and I want it now. This is a HUGE investment. I'm going to order one. I'm going to spare you my dealer experiences. Finally, I found a guy who actually listened to me, and strove to put me in the car I wanted, not the car HE wanted me to buy. Order the car on March 4, 2020. Scheduled to Day March 26. Enter Covid, and factory shut-down March 19th. When the factory reopened, it did so running only two shifts, so cars are trickling out. My new scheduled to day is June 18. Frankie was built on June 23. We drove up to the dealer on July 9 to pick him up. (175 miles away, no pick up and delivery) Frankie is perfect. Not one single issue. It is hands down the nicest car I have ever owned. I am so happy, so greatful, so thankful to have found such an awesome dealer who made me feel like a king. I can't say enough about Michael Goch at Pompano Ford Lincoln. I was lucky, but i feel I brought on that luck myself. I have no regrets, nothing but praise. Thanks for reading my post.
  11. BriBoy

    Lincoln Aviator Gas Tank issues

    I've had an 85 Continental Mark VII, a 94 Town Car, two 97 Town Cars, and now a 2020 Aviator. ALL of them have (had) a "20 gallon" tank, yet run the needle down to empty, and the most you can pump is 17.4 gallons. We only drove one of the Town Cars until it actually ran completely out of gas, and it went like 50 miles after saying it was empty. I accept this as a safety feature, to prevent running out of gas completely. In fact, doesn't the manual say running out of gas can damage the vehicle and maybe void the warranty? Maybe I'm the minority here, I'm just curious why it's such a big deal?
  12. No front license plate bracket on my BL Aviator, State of Florida. After reading you guys' posts, I'm so happy they didn't install the bracket!
  13. BriBoy


    Hi there! I have a beautiful 2020 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Flight Blue. His name is Frankie! He's awesome, and I love him. Ready to share tips and tricks with you all!