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  1. DinoBronc

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Has MAP received the OKAY TO BUILD for the MY2021 Bronco? Thanks.
  2. DinoBronc

    APIM Removal

    I agree that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work well with Ford’s SYNC 3, but only in areas that have reasonable cellular service. SYNC 3 navigation pays for itself when you’re out of cellular range.
  3. DinoBronc

    Is the Bronco Sport a revised 2012 Ford Escape?

    The Bronco Sport is what I wished my 2009 Escape could have been.
  4. 2021 Bronco Sport owners manual posted on Ford.com and it has child safety locks for the rear seats.
  5. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m satisfied with the fuel estimates for the 2.0L Bronco Sport. It’s a fair trade for the improved off-road capabilities vs. the current Escape. If my memory is correct the new Bronco Sport’s mileage is very close to my 2009 Escape 4WD V6.
  6. DinoBronc

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Excellent, today there’s been a flurry (yes, winter is coming) of posts on the Bronco Nation and Bronco6G forums of folks with converted reservations receiving emails from Ford giving them build weeks. So hopefully the Hermosillo Ford plant has gotten the OKAY TO BUILD. By the way, “my” first Ford was an olive green M151A1 MUTT built by Ford. A lot of fun to drive, but it did have a few safety issues. I was an Army MP and investigated more than a few roll-overs. Great capability though, just couldn’t handle sharp turns 😂. An issue that the Bronco family will probably not have. ‘’Have a great Thanksgiving to all you Blue Oval fans!”
  7. DinoBronc

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Fantastic Ice-capades! I was curious if the “okay to build” had been given. Shortly after seeing your post, I received an email from Ford giving me a build week of February 8. I’ll get my VIN from my dealer tomorrow. I don’t expect to see a window sticker until end of January. You guys have been a “veritable cornucopia of info”, thanks!
  8. DinoBronc

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Fantastic, thanks again!
  9. DinoBronc

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Good morning @ice-capades, really appreciate all the info that you’ve provided in the Blue Oval Forums. It’s been quite helpful in getting a better understanding what’s going on with Ford manufacturing. One question, does my local Detroit area dealer have access to their regional scheduling notes? How’d you recommend getting a look see? I’ve got a converted reservation for the Bronco Sport and to be honest I’m looking forward to getting it. Thanks much!