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  1. Hello cyberdan - truck arrived this morning. A little early but that’s fine by me! Thanks for the tracking updates, it made the wait a little less painful!
  2. STDevil

    Re-using shock bolts

    Well I ended up ordering new fasteners. Everything comes in packages of four, so I have twice as much as I will need. If anyone in the Seattle area is interested in buying the left overs, let mw know...otherwise, they'll go in my nut and bolt organizer...
  3. The cause of the change in the date is not clear to me or anyone else as far as I know.
  4. Hello - This request may violate rule 9 and 11. If it does I will expect not to get a response and will not bug you. I was wondering if you could let me know if the “location” of the truck has updated. The reason I ask is that the date on the bottom of my window sticker changed from 2/11 (when I am purely guessing the truck was loaded onto a rail car) to 2/19. Your update had let me know that the truck arrived in Minot ND at just about midnight on the 12th. VIN = 1FT8W3BT2MEC91328 Since the date on the sticker had changed (and again, I have no reason why but I am guessing that something happened), I was wondering if the truck had arrived at a new place. If this request was in line with the rules (since the ETA of 3/3 has not arrived), I wanted to see if you could let me know where the truck is. Either way, it looks like I will get the truck in a couple of weeks. I’ll send a photo then. Thanks…
  5. Ok. Sorry. But it’s like the night before Christmas. I guess I’ll just try to “go to sleep” knowing that Santa will be here soon enough...
  6. STDevil

    Filling the diesel tank

    The TFL videos are awesome. I have seen their method. I’ll probably just do that (and save myself a bunch of time at the pump and the evil stares from the people in line)...
  7. I asked if the dealer would do it because the county to the north has a much lower tax rate which would have saved me about $1k.
  8. I like the existing SD interior. If they brought the bigger display from the 150 (oh, and those lie flat seats!!!) without taking away the mechanical switches, that would be cool. I think LEDs are standard now on the 150 (head and tail lights). If that’s the case, I guess that’s cool too. I don’t like the virtual instrument cluster in the 150. I like analog gauges. But I guess everyone else must prefer the virtual or ford would not build it. I don’t know if the demographics are different enough between 150 and SD buyers to warrant different instruments. The good news is that my 2021 has not even arrived yet and is not scheduled to until March 3. Worst case, I could try and sell the truck at not too much of a loss and order a new 2022 with X plan. I managed to get $1k below X plan (and did not have to use the PIN) and there are still not too many super duties on the lots so I might not take too much of a bath. Ah first world problems...
  9. STDevil

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I think it means the truck is actually being built. The date on the bottom of the sticker is wierd. For my truck, it started with 1/27 (I believe the day the order was pulled), 1/28 (the day it went to plant), 2/4 (day built - this roughly coincided with the dealers system which said the vehicle was "scheduled to day" of 2/2), 2/11 (I am guessing the day it loaded onto the rail car since it arrived in ND at midnight on the 12th...but Alumizilla said it was "in transit" on the 7th...but I know it had to go by truck to the rail depot), and finally 2/19 (when I am guessing it arrived at the Rail Depot in Western Washington state). This is all pure guesswork on my part. I am not completely sure what causes the date to change. I am sure someone knows! I hope this helps somewhat...
  10. Hi all - for those who put new shocks on their trucks, did you re-use your shock bolts? I have a F350 4WD en route and plan to replace the shocks with Bilstiens. The service manual says to discard all of the bolts and nuts. I am guess they are torque to yield but don’t know this for a fact. The parts guy said it’d be about $50 for new hardware and also said that most DIYers don’t replace the hardware. He suggested that I go to Tacoma Screw (if it is a fastener, they probably have it) and get the fasteners there. I am interested in any input from you guys... thanks...
  11. STDevil

    Ultimate vs Value package

    I really wanted the LEDs and was willing to pay the extra $1k for it. But, I did not want the stuff that came with the Ultimate package (except maybe the power adjustments for the steering wheel and the ambient lighting). In the end, I just went with the Value Package and I will be happy with it. Maybe there’s an easy hack to add the interior lighting but if not, I won’t worry about it. The interior ambient lighting is a nice feature in my 4Runner but not a “must have” for me. I think my truck might have arrived at the local rail depot today so I am getting closer to my delivery!
  12. The date on the bottom of the sticker changed to 2/19/21 this morning. I am hoping that means the truck arrived at the rail yard just off of 167 in Pacific. I was planning to go to my North office today but may just drive to the South office so I can scan the yard and see if the truck is there!! A 2/19 arrival would put me on track for the early estimated delivery of 2/25. If not, then it’ll be 3/3. Either way, getting close!!
  13. Hi all - How do you guys fill your diesel tank? With my 2002 F250 SD, I would fill the tank until the nozzle clicked off, and then slowly trickle in another five gallons until the fuel was at the top of the filler hose (I could see the fuel). That way, I knew my tank was totally full. I was wondering if this approach might screw something up with the modern diesel fuel system (I don't know if there's a bunch of extra hoses or vapor canisters), which is why I am asking. Thanks...
  14. STDevil

    2020 F250 Plat PS 12K Observations

    Hi CCRider. I have a question. First of all, I ended up buying the 4600 series. I had the 5100 series on my last truck (2002 F250 SD) and my spine used to get pulverized on long rides... ...anyway, what torque specs did you use for the shock bolts. The Bilstien instructions only list the torque spec for the spindle end of the front shock... I also have to give credit to my wife. She saw me unpacking the shocks in our living room next to all my other goodies and just rolled her eyes and kept on walking...
  15. Thank you! I had wondered what route the train would take and looked at BNSF's website. Turns out there's a north route and a south route. Anyway, thanks again...