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    Greetings all from Vancouver Island, BC Canada, New to the forums, like others, not new to Fords.. A bit about me. Apprenticed at a Ford body shop as a bodyman in the later half of the 70's. Got to drive and see many new Ford cars and trucks in my time there. I got to restore tons of old Mustangs and Camaros in my time. A few concourse show Mustangs too.. 1 Pantera and the Ford dealer owners sons 69 Mach 1 also! My last restore was a 79 Z28 a couple years ago. I was bored and needed to keep busy. Started out with a 71 Pinto 2.0 4 speed. Painted it race red and had the local paint on pinstriper go over it. Pretty cool back in the day, (imo) with some wide boots on the back.. in 78 we had a 79 Ranchero traded in and sent to the BS for a large dent repair in the drivers door. Fell in love with it, and bought it . Kind of a burgundy, burnt orange color. Repainted without the stripes, and we had just gotten into clearcoat, so I was excited to get that on. Sure looked pretty... Sold it when I needed cash for my 1st home.. (18.5%) in 82. Experienced a 69 Torino GT 390 auto.. (Mustangs) 65 FB, 69 Grande, 95 GT, 05 GT and am waiting on a 21 Mach1 now. Build date is the week of April 5th . My retirement gift to myself! Anyways, thanks for reading.. And have a great day!