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  1. AggieDad

    What am I missing F350 vs F250 w/ HCTT?

    If helpful, I just moments ago returned home from picking up my F350 CCSB Platinum with the 6.7L TD. I left the dealer and drove straight to the CAT Scales and with full fuel, DEF and my wife and me in the truck, here are my numbers. Per the CAT Ticket: Steer Axle - 4940 lbs Drive Axle - 3300 lbs Total Weight - 8240 lbs Per door stickers: Payload - 3397 lbs Front GAWR - 5200 lbs Rear GAWR - 7230 lbs GVWR - 11500 lbs Per Fleet guide: GCWR - 30000 lbs How those stack up to your hypothetical F250 with HCTT, I don't know. I'm only offering my experience in the hope it's helpful. 3 months and 2 days ago, I was in your exact place.
  2. AggieDad

    F350 CCSB Platinum

    Arrived at the dealer last Friday and I'll pick it up in a couple of hours!
  3. My order was accepted on 1/29 and roughly 3 weeks later I received a build date of 3/9. (The build date ended up being 3/15.) Incidentally, the truck was delivered to my dealer last Friday, 3.26, and I discovered it on Sunday. I let my salesman know on Monday that if he would walk out back, he'd find my truck and they could get started getting it ready. I'll pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Lesson learned, track closely and be your own advocate.
  4. AggieDad

    F350 CCSB Platinum

    Thank you once again @cyberdman. Is the rail car information available? Appreciate your time as always.
  5. AggieDad

    F350 CCSB Platinum

    May I get an update on this one? The Ford order tracking website has given me 5 different ETA dates. This past weekend it switched from 3/30 to 4/5 to 'N/A' in the span of just over 24 hours. As of this morning, it's back to 4/5. 1FT8W3BT4MED26354
  6. AggieDad

    F350 CCSB Platinum

    @cyberdman Thank you!
  7. Any chance I can get a build date update for 1FT8W3BT4MED26354? Seems to have slipped a little but I'm not sure why. I thought at first it was just the ETA delivery date that moved, perhaps due to the spay in bed liner, but now I'm being told the build date moved as well. Maybe the same root issue? Thanks!
  8. AggieDad

    F350 Rear Differential and Axle

    Ford lists the GAWR for the DANA M275 @ 7230. With the 20" wheels the tires will limit out at 3750 each for a total of 7500. Does anyone have a reference for what DANA lists the axle limit to be? Just curious.
  9. @ice-capades Thank you very much! I’ll follow up with my dealer in the morning. Appreciate the time you all put into this forum.
  10. It’s a F350 CC SB. 1FT8W3BT4MED26354
  11. My order status is still “In Production”, with a scheduled day of 3/9 per my dealer. However, I just noticed my estimated delivery date has moved out a week to 4/1. Does this imply my build date has moved or something involving the shipping process?
  12. AggieDad

    Crazy Navigator story

    Clearly the solution to your problem to your very vexing problem is to keep the Raptor and the Harley and use this opportunity to build a custom toy hauler, painted to match the Raptor of course, in which you can haul the Harley.
  13. AggieDad

    F350 Heavy Duty Payload Package

    Mine is SRW and I did not choose the 11,400 GVWR package so I should end up in a good place.
  14. AggieDad

    F350 Heavy Duty Payload Package

    Really hope you're right. I'm on pins and needles until this truck gets here and I can see what the actual numbers end up being. Thanks.