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  1. I ordered 2/16/21 in MN, got a vin 2/24/21, build date is week of 3/22/21 21 F-350 Lariat 6.7 Tremor. Expected delivery before end of April.
  2. Baddestt

    F350 Heavy Duty Payload Package

    The highest gvwr for f350 cc 6.7 srw is 11500? When I built my Tremor on ford site I selected 11400, however when order preview came out it defaulted to 11500 on order confirmation. On LB CC f350 6.7, I think gvwr can go up to 12400?
  3. Awesome! Thank you very much!!!
  4. Hello, Could you please check the status of my order. Thank you! Sales Code: F58020 Order Code: 5163 Retail Priority #13 Sales guy said he wasn't sure whether I would get a 21MY (May delivery) or 22MY delivered in June/August. Thank you again,
  5. Baddestt

    Ultimate vs Value package

    You can choose F350 KR with Tremor package, skip the ultimate option, choose the 1100 LED's and have everything VS Lariat with ultimate and black appearance, its almost the same cost. I wanted to do this, but wife was not a fan of the KR burnt orange interior🙄 So I just ordered the '21 ultimate Lariat, f350 Tremor 6.7 with all options except moonroof, acc, black appearance, I personally feel this is the best compromise and still getting a awesome badd azz truck
  6. Baddestt

    Ultimate vs Value package

    Article is 4 years old. In addition, the vehicles they did comparisons with were back in 2012/2015. There have been tremendous advancements in technology within past 5 years with LED technology. Take a look at a 2017 super duty LED lights vs 2020/201 super duty LED lights. Ford advanced their LED light systems. In 2023 with the new super duty, there will be even further advancements.
  7. I get it now. It just sucks lol. Ya, I am definitely not cancelling. I was just hoping to have it by memorial day weekend, but that hope seems to be dwindling. Initially they told me May delivery as an estimate, but the call on Friday appears that may not happen. No worries, I'll just wait!
  8. I ordered 2/16/21 a F-350 6.7 Tremor Ultimate lariat. Dealer on Friday advised that I may be converted to the 2022's with a June delivery. My order was Retail Priority 13. Dealership is Busiest sales for Super Duties in MN. If I placed my order for a 2021, how can they convert to 2022?? Some dealers stopped taking 21 orders on 1/22/21. I am just so confused about this process. Busy times for Ford!!!
  9. Baddestt

    Filling the diesel tank

    I was wondering the same for the 2020/2021 super duties. On my 2007 f250 6.0, 29 gallons capacity is advertised, but I can get a total of 34 gallons in from empty to full at the cap. My guess with the CC 6.7 short bed at 34 gallons, could 38-39 gallons be the actual top off from empty to top off?
  10. Baddestt

    Ultimate vs Value package

    Yes taillights, interior lights, headlights, roof lights (if you get them), plate lights etc are all LED with the LED headlights on Lariat.
  11. Baddestt

    Ultimate vs Value package

    Check out what this guy did on FordTremor.com , he got a base xlt, no options, with the 6.7 diesel. Took it upon himself to get buy the options he wanted from ford and installed them himself including the LED light package. It is an impressive build: (106) Pheasant XLT Tremor Build | Ford Tremor Forum | Ford Super Duty
  12. I don't think he is out of line with what a lot of Tremor buyers are getting when they order. My invoice was $400 lower than the x plan. Dealer gave an additional discount of $1000 off invoice and will deduct any rebates/incentives available when my Tremor comes in May. Some on Ford Tremor forum are getting 1500-2000 below invoice, plus pco and rebates.
  13. This makes me wonder. Short run of 2021's, order banks of 2022's start 3/15/21, which clearly means there will be an updated interior?? Ford has to step up their interior competitiveness with Ram, which done a good job with the interior on the new Ram HD trucks. IMO, Ford nailed it in the 2021 F-150's interior. I'd expect some type of version of the F-150 interior for 2022 super duty. Then, 2023 MY (on sale spring 2022??) the full remake of the outside will follow. I ordered a '21 F-350 Tremor Ultimate Lariat 6.7 2/16/21 with a priority code of 13, 1k below invoice. I need the truck before memorial day weekend. Otherwise, I would just wait for the '22.
  14. Don't worry, your not alone. I have tried myself, never got a PCO. I am always on nada, edmunds, ford site, ford forums, filled out brochure info etc. Still no PCO.
  15. Baddestt

    Ultimate vs Value package

    Exactly. You can get the Quad Beam LED lights separately on the KR trim, however, your paying to upgrade to the KR in itself. At least make the lights a stand a lone option on the xlt, lariat as well. I completely agree, it's all about making money. The LED lights should be standard on the entire line up.