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  1. On the order sheet I got from Fordtracker I see this: Order no. V01R Group Order Type Retail (222R) (OBC8S) Someone has a clue what that means? No big deal. Just curious!
  2. Marc D.

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Ok thanks! Can you tell us what letters OTD stand for ??? Maybe Order To Day ????
  3. Thanks for letting us know Jay! Appreciate it.
  4. Marc D.

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I was asking myself exactly the same!
  5. That is really unfortunate. Sure hope it will improve soon: I have a Nautilus on order !!!
  6. Yes I wonder what’s are the output figures for Edge and Nautilus these days???
  7. Marc D.

    Genesis GV80

    It’s going to be my first Lincoln. I have owned big caddies in the past but I believe Lincoln have a big edge vs GM now. My son owns a 2014 Fusion Titanium AWD and I fell in love with this car!
  8. When confronted with the poor paint jobs, Tesla answer to Canadian owners was: There is too much salt and abrasive on your roads... Well, M. Musk, if your cars are not suitable for our climate why selling them here??
  9. The Navigator is selling well!!! That is a beast!
  10. Many Tesla owners have paint quality issues here in Canada. I have read in the news there should be a class-action lawsuit filed next Fall.
  11. Marc D.

    Genesis GV80

    I agree with you the GV80 should not be compared to the Nautilus. If only for the bigger engines. Lenght wise GV80 fits right in-between the Aviator and the Nautilus. For us, the Corsair was just big enough, and the Nautilus is plenty.
  12. Youhou!!! Got a VIN, order number and a build date: 04/19/2021 Hopefully will get my Nautilus mid-May...
  13. Marc D.

    Genesis GV80

    When I was shopping for my next ride in January, I have compared GV80 (and many more) to the 2021 Nautilus. For almost 10k less, the Nautilus was better equipped. I like the GV interior but the front grille not so... Now here I am, waiting for my Naut!!
  14. Marc D.

    Porsche's synthetic fuel as clean as EVs.

    Will probably takes a few years of research to evaluate mass production possibilities.
  15. Thanks! I’ll give it a try as soon as I get my VIN.