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  1. Marc D.


    Many thanks!
  2. Appreciate your kind words Jay! Now you have few weeks off to do some spring clean-up around the house and dig out the bbq! Enjoy!
  3. My original delivery date was May 10th. With the new 3 week shut-down I am not optimistic...
  4. Same here. If I can help it, I skip on china stuff.
  5. Hello cyberdman, If you have a chance, I would like to get an update on my order. VIN. 2LMPJ8K97MBL07269 Thank you for your time!
  6. Marc D.

    Canadian orders

    This is an awfully long wait...
  7. Marc D.

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    I’m happy to see Nautilus production going strong!!!
  8. Awesome news! Thanks Jay for taking the time looking into this for me!
  9. Hi Jay, is the Nautilus are also being built without all parts? (I’m waiting for mine *wink wink*). Hopefully they are loaded on the rail cars!
  10. Marc D.


    Anyone knows when dealers are expecting their first 2021 Nautilus to arrive?
  11. Marc D.


    Hopefully! But with Covid, chip shortage, seat foam shortage and so on...I kind of expect some delay. That’s nobody’s fault and I’ll wait. Not much else to do anyway! As someone else said: First world problem!!!!
  12. Marc D.

    2021 expedition missing engine cover

    2021 Lincoln Corsair also lost his engine appearance cover. Disappointing...
  13. Marc D.


    My order for a Nautilus is dated 2/10, with an ETA 5/9. Don’t know if that will hold though. Fingers crossed!
  14. On the order sheet I got from Fordtracker I see this: Order no. V01R Group Order Type Retail (222R) (OBC8S) Someone has a clue what that means? No big deal. Just curious!
  15. Marc D.

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Ok thanks! Can you tell us what letters OTD stand for ??? Maybe Order To Day ????