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  1. Phoenixfla

    Ford Weekly Scheduling Notes

    Is there a post that I can read to better understand these notes such as balance out? I have a F250 on order with a production week of 5/10, but it includes items listed above as no availability. Does no availability only apply to unscheduled vehicles or should I expect a delay in production?
  2. Hope this is the appropriate thread to ask this. Production begins June 1, so does that mean that retail orders won't even be scheduled until sometime in early June? In other words, if someone orders now, will they have to wait till early June to find out what week their truck will be built?
  3. Don't think pricing is available yet.
  4. I think Mustang club of America just changed the requirement from 60 days to 90, but if you are ordering a 2022, you'll have more than 90 days. Also check out EAA. That's the Experimental Aircraft Association, they may also offer x-plan. If all else fails, ask a dealer if they will sell to you at x-plan price, but be aware the x-plan caps the dealer fee whereas without it you may have to pay a higher dealer fee. Oh, and check Costco also.
  5. Really hoping 2022MY order guide arrives today since order banks open Monday. They gotta give a guy the weekend, right? Haha.
  6. I appreciate the time you spend on this forum too ice-capades, I have learned a ton from your posts!