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  1. I had same issue here, especially in summer, it happens almost every time when I start the car, I have to press the hand somewhere on the dashboard to make it not going up, I called the customer service, seems there is no re-call on it yet, but I think because most of us did not bother to call them, it will be helpful to raise this concern to the customer service and they can record it and we may get recall on this issue. it should not be our customer to pay more than 1000 to fix this issue, it did have safety issue for us, because we need to use one hand to change the temperature all the time when we drive. please pick up the phone and call them if you have same issue and they will know this is common defect on their parts and they have to fix it not the customer. btw, my car is mks 2013 model. Lincoln Concierge 1-800-521-4140 Lincoln Concierge (Canada) 1-800-387-9333