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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    bshort got a reaction from tbone in 2023 Ford Super Duty Reveal Event   
    50hp/80tq on the 7.3 would be interesting.  if it's 15/30, blah.  
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    bshort got a reaction from JHForman812 in 2022 F250 Key?   
    This is your answer.  It was never going to come with push/start to begin with.  
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    bshort got a reaction from JHForman812 in 23 is coming soon   
    IF they get around to building them, they'll probably be the mix and match of parts they are currently are now.  Sorry, no multi contour seats, BAP on XLT, etc.  Get an ugly new grill area though.  
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    bshort reacted to 1972Mach1 in 2022 F250 Key?   
    I ordered two 2022 models. The first was a SCSB and got it as loaded as possible.  Lariats value is the highest trim package you can get and it does not come with the push button start. It also does not come with the LED option which seems really shortsighted to me. I added the higher trim and LEDs etc to a CCSB which was delivered. The first order is five days short of one year and still in production. 
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    bshort got a reaction from 787Toolman in Sore Subject... What are the fuel prices in your area?   
    Paid 7.49 for some 91 up in the hills.  
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    bshort got a reaction from 4thTimer in Suggestions needed. Sealing around 5WP bed holes   
    Sell the truck and buy a car?  
    Can't see how one can completely eliminate dust and water back there.  It will get past any tailgate seal as well.  
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    bshort reacted to ford4v429 in Ford isn't scoring any points   
    this (many years ago) used to be a great thread...does anyone at ford even reply in here anymore?
    the covid bs/intentional shipping logjams at ports/intentional labor shortages by rewarding the lazy-shutting down businesses during covid over things known now to have been useless will spin into a devolving political mess unneeded- but whatever: Fords customer service is SAD.
     my buddies Bronco showed up yesterday- 1.5 years hes waited. it was built 3/28, confirmed completed, just awaiting a hauler...it showed up, but the online tracker still says 'awaiting shipment. come on- the system absolutely knows where this stuff is at and why. get some first year IT kid to fix access to it. fedex can track a envelope, ford makes status of 70k+ trucks top secret or simply 'noone knows'... I really cant picture a taco bell employee out there with a notepad and pencil paper looking thru the sea of trucks to find one, know what I mean? its in the computer system, its not lost.
    as for build quality, its backpedalling a bit. when the 15 f150s came out at the auto show, i nit picked the hell out of them, sent a 'book' of photos to ford- even got a reply from Mark Fields himself and a call from his secretary LOL- and the next year the auto show trucks were perfect though, after seeing a couple years of good things, got a 19 lariat, and its the finest vehicle ive ever had- still is, even though ive got a 2 week old 22 lariat too   the 22, the roof seams are showing ecoat(thin to non existent paint) the drivers rear cab corner sticks out 1/2" past the bed- bed or cab aint centered on the mounts...drivers rear door requires slamming to get it to fully close- just little fitting issues...bodywise, the inner side edges of the tailgate though- uggh...jagged/cracked/look like the auto show trucks from 15 again...yeah its not a visible surface, but if you snag a rag or cut yourself trying to clean it, it wont be a 'good job ford' moment...
    i dunno where the answer lies, but without quality at the forefront, and without actual customer service, fords committing suicide. ive always been a ford guy, but honestly dont love this 22 lariat any more than our 98 windstar new... the 19 was a perfect truck, paint/fit/finish/materials... the 22 has iffy things that will need addressed- and the thought of dealer paint repairs scares the hell out of me- the 22 leather wheel has whats gotta be the cheapest leather on the planet- it might be cardboard from the feel of it, just goofy little gripes that were not there till the newest model...it might cost the most by a lot, but isnt the best...sorry. it will be my last new F150 though, might even dump it and look for another 19 lariat-  that 19 is just about a impossible truck not to love- the team that packaged that one all earned a well deserved pat on the back... 2 years into the all new model though, still seeing paint/finishing/assembly  issues- combined with poor material on the steering wheel (that may actually be a covid thing- but i still suspect a beancounter thing was behind it, as the quality of the leather seats IS perfect).
    trying to love this 22, but its just lacking. yeah, more power in the 3.5- but they dicked with the perfection that was the noise csancellation/engine sound enhancement the 19 had, now the 22 sounds like a sewing machine unless you really step on it- the 19 had a soft v8 sound and exceptional muting of the quite noisy 3.5 clatter... shame they went backwards
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    bshort got a reaction from ford4v429 in Ford isn't scoring any points   
    Maybe the government will take care of everything for me, since Ford could care less.  Wish they had an email address, so I could maybe get a dismissive auto reply.  😂
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    bshort got a reaction from SUPRPIG in 2023 Ordering starts…?   
    October, but who really knows............
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    bshort got a reaction from BBQMAN in F250 7.3 gas milage question   
    I get around 11 empty and as much as 9 towing.  
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    bshort got a reaction from Trublu1068 in What color?   
    I have Iconic Silver.  Think I'd rather have Star White.  
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    bshort reacted to Mrs.Fine in 2022 F250 LARIAT, DELIVERED 2-28-22   
    11/1/21 Ordered 
    12/2/21 Received VIN#
    1/11/22 Window sticker generated. 
    1/31/22 Scheduled for production. 
    1/26/22 Built. 
    2/12 - 2/18 Scheduled for delivery. 
    2/28/22 Got our Pickemup🛻
    It's frustrating and exciting BUT WORTH THE WAIT💯
    Can't stop driving it, or taking pictures of it. This is our 4th F250 and our favorite, especially the 12" screen. 
    VETERANS: Ford offers $500 to active military, or up to 2 years, out of service. Just Google,  Ford Military discount🇺🇸
    FORD SUPERDUTY F250 2022
    40/20/40 SEAT BAJA

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    bshort got a reaction from BP25 in Adding Air Suspension for Towing   
    Our TT has an approximate 900 pound tongue weight.  With the trailer attached and camping stuff in the bed, it will squat a few inches.  20 pounds in the bags brings it all level.  
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    bshort got a reaction from 787Toolman in Sore Subject... What are the fuel prices in your area?   
    Out on I-5 Thursday and 87 was 5.99 and diesel was 6.99 at a Chevron station.  
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    bshort got a reaction from 787Toolman in Sore Subject... What are the fuel prices in your area?   
    Out on I-5 yesterday. 

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    bshort got a reaction from Gharri30 in Pics with the Sport Apperance Package   
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    bshort got a reaction from Gharri30 in Pics with the Sport Apperance Package   
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    bshort got a reaction from Gharri30 in Pics with the Sport Apperance Package   
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    bshort got a reaction from CBears in After 6 months my SD finally delivered to dealer but.....   
    They have to stick it out on the front line for a week, so they can attract buyers.  😮  No, shouldn't take that long..unless something arrived broken and the parts will take a bit to arrive.  I'd suggest driving there and looking at it now.  
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    bshort got a reaction from Power Kid in Stainlessworks 7.3 exhaust   
    It looks great, but to me, the 7.3 stock exhaust is plenty loud when pulling a load.  Had the GM performance exhaust on my 6.2 GMC and it was quite annoying when towing.   
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    bshort got a reaction from jhaber in 22' Factory Defects   
    Bumper is straight.  Dealer had one on the lot with a big dent in the cab behind the door.  Asked them why they don't fix it and was told they were waiting for someone to purchase it first.  Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I guess it's common for them.  Actually had them tell me that a truck will never be delivered in perfect condition.....
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    bshort got a reaction from Chris E in Pictures of supercabs   
    When it was fresh off the truck.  

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    bshort got a reaction from Fred F-250 in Does AFE-50-70058D cai fit 2022 F250 with the 7.3 gas motor?   
    Nothing changed.  Many aftermarket providers have not updated their catalogs for 2022.
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    bshort reacted to IUEC135ELEVATOR in Quality   
    I remember you were upset about that at first delivery.... I hope Ford makes it right to you somehow! But if they don't I hope you give them the ass-chewing they deserve.
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    bshort got a reaction from MMBCamperMan in Let's talk 5th wheel hitches.....   
    Goosebox.  Simple ball to remove when not in use.