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  1. Hey everyone! I recently purchased a 2017 Ford Transit Connect XLT for my detailing business. Unfortunately, it was in an accident and the repair job was done by some cheap shop, and was done just to have a door. The accident affected the passenger sliding door. The door opens and closes just fine. The problem is they used a new door from a different transit and didn't connect the wire harness. I took it to Ford but they won't touch it (even just connecting a harness) because the shotty repair job and they wont take liability. I took it to 2 body shops and they both wanted $3-6k to redo the repair job and do it correctly. I'm not going to repair it correctly because it doesn't mean that much to me, especially at $6k. What affects me is I can't lock the door, the "rear door ajar" comes on every time I start up, and I have to have the interior overhead lights off all the time. I did create a pulley system so I can pull the handle from the rear to open and unlock it the side door, and then I use the key on the side of the door to manually lock it for now. Does anyone have any insight on how I can either connect the wire harness or make the computer think that the door is closed?