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  1. with the Feds asking other manufacturers to weigh in on the Tesla investigation. I wonder what if any impact this might have on Blur Cruise https://apple.news/Ayp1d9hOjQe-6mdEeDlo40w
  2. Have not heard of incentive protection, I guess I need to contact my dealer.
  3. Interesting article in today’s Journal https://apple.news/AKewM3OCeS8mwAnHs2LR7xw
  4. Roll.Tide

    Ford Retail Order Tracking Website Announcement

    I don’t have the build date info in the top left hand corner, is this feature working now?
  5. Roll.Tide

    To member WESTERN NC

    Thank you!
  6. Roll.Tide

    To member WESTERN NC

    Greetings from the mountains of western NC. On order a King Ranch, smoked quartz. Ordered 6/16 got my VIN on 8/12. Look forward to learning from all of my fellow F150 owners.
  7. How does the Ford spray in liner hold up under the hot sun, does it fade over time? I had LineX and unless it was premium the UV rays would take their toll on the liner.