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  1. Can you please check this again for me? VIN 1FTFW1RGXMFC28251
  2. Thank you for checking Cyberman. Is there a way to find out what it's being held for? IE. chips, repairs, QA? The dealer don't know and won't/ can't call the rep.
  3. indeed. The new Self-driving update coming soon for city streets seems to be more Autopilot and it may be the future but has a long way to go. I do have to admit the lane-keeping is great when on the highway but again just driving is part of the fun factor. I have no interest in self-driving. it is a blast to driving around town on country roads. It's my wife's car and she's kind of a tree hugger but I'll keep my 17 Raptor until the new Raptorgets here and we have an expedition to haul the rugrats around in.
  4. I'm sure it's especially tough on forums like this. Car guys and gun guys have strong opinions about their toys!!!!
  5. Indeed sir. I know I've caught myself typing things out that I have re-read and thought that sounds like an asshole wrote it... Delete!!!
  6. The ability to get and install batteries for this could be hard. I know there are a few places that specialize in rebuilding totaled Teslas that could prob figure it out. one place is called "Electrified garage".
  7. This is great. much better than the Tesla truck thingy! I'll give them a couple of years and look into getting one.
  8. Can you please check the status of my Raptor build? Dealer says it was "produced" on 8-19 with no updates since and not sure why it has not been released. VIN 1FTFW1RGXMFC28251
  9. it's almost like people think they can say whatever they want on the internet. I wonder sometimes if we should just change the name from discussion forums to argue forums.
  10. mpd510

    Test Test Test

    Whats the test for? LOL did I fail this too?
  11. mpd510

    2022 Ford Expedition News

    The grill and headlights are growing on me.
  12. mpd510

    Hummer EV SUV shown off

    dammit, why do I think that thing is sexy?
  13. I have a Tesla without self-driving and for the life of me, I don't know why people want it. The fun part is actually driving it. The fit and finish leave a lot to be desired.
  14. mpd510


    Howdy, Mark from Houston TX here. Have a '21 Raptor on order and am super excited!!
  15. mpd510

    Raptor with GT 500 engine

    It looks like you may just be getting your wish!! Rumors of the Raptor R.