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  1. I've got a Mustang Mach E in addition to my older Expedition. It's a fantastic daily driver and has excellent range for 95% of my miles. That remaining 5% usually involves driving to Chicago or Louisville, and while it's not as easy as pulling into a random gas station, it's certainly manageable. If I didn't need a second Expedition-class vehicle anyway, I could see myself being EV-only, and renting an ICE for long road trips for the near future. It won't be any different than renting a Home Depot truck instead of piling bags of manure into the back of my Expedition. Although I've got a 2022 on order and plan on keeping it as long as I've had my 2004, I'm going to be really interested to see what the inevitable future all electric Expedition brings. On Sunday I ran into two big, giant electric Hummers at the St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Electrify America charging station. They were both plugged in to 350 kva chargers, and the one next to my Mach E was pulling 290 kva at 83%. If I could get that in the Mach E, then I'd be good to go in 10 minutes. In any case, by time the electric Expedition is available, I'm hopeful that there will be a whole lot more charging infrastructure. My Mach E is perfect for its use cases, but I pull a trailer and take long road trips with the Expedition.
  2. balthisar

    Michigan Dealer Recommendation

    If you're coming home, there's nothing wrong with Hines Park Lincoln. But then it's a five hour drive…
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    I get that. I figured, though, you could use your F-150 VIN as a "preview" of what to expect for updates with the Expedition.
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    Do you still have your old F-150 VIN? You can check out pricing options at https://syncnavigation.com/ford/home
  5. balthisar

    Anybody able to order a '22?

    The dealer may have simply not added your email address. I haven't gotten an email from Ford about either of my two orders, but I know for a fact they were ordered because of my leet hacker skillz (err, I'm an employee with access). If you have your order number and your dealer code ("sales code") from your Order Summary, you might ask someone to check it for you over on the "Vehicle Locator" part of the forum.
  6. balthisar

    Anybody able to order a '22?

    Whoohoo! I know scheduling doesn't start until next month, but it's reassuring seeing my order in Vehicle Visibility with all of the stuff I asked for, and at priority 10. C'mon November 18th.
  7. balthisar

    Anybody able to order a '22?

    I'm going through the process of ordering a Platinum now, Star White, HD Tow, Cross bars, Max 4x4. I've had a Limited 2021 on order since August, and only got my 17-Nov build date last week. For BlueCruise and Sync 4A, I'm willing to wait a few more months, and my dealer will be happy to retail "my" 2021 up and above his allocation.
  8. balthisar

    Mandatory Employee Vax Reporting

    Someone showed me an H.R. note yesterday indicating that salaried folks who fail to report their status will be hit with a 50% reduction of their profit sharing (I guess that supposes that we're profitable), as well as a performance mark on the permanent record.
  9. At least you don't have to do what I do jumping from any of my current cars (currently Mach E) to my Expedition: dig the key out of my pocket so I can physically insert it into the ignition switch.
  10. balthisar

    Dash cam app built into sync 4

    It's be a subscription, because your data isn't your data. That's not insider information, just a guess, because everyone want everyone to subscribe to everything these days.
  11. balthisar

    Cancelling COVP order

    On the contrary, the dealer should be happy that he's getting a vehicle in addition to his allocation.
  12. balthisar

    Plan pricing vs MSRP

    I'm in SE Michigan, and every dealer I'm working with trying to get an Expy is happy to accept my A Plan, if only they could get the configuration I want. I've ordered, but 15-Nov build date is upsetting, especially in light of the 2022 changes. But hey, in today's climate, I can probably sell it after the required six months for the new A Plan price.
  13. I have a Mach E, but am shy about electric lawn equipment. I had a Craftsman battery powered lawn mower back in 1998! And it was good for my tiny, little 900 foot starter home's 1/3 acre lot. But it wouldn't hold a charge when I finally moved to a decent sized property, and it was hard to get batteries for (and a Honda tractor was better for the size). But I tried electric trimmers, edgers, chain saws, etc., but the batteries never lasted, and the fly-by-night companies no longer exist to support their products. I have made efforts, though, to ensure that all of my gas powered replacements are 4-cycle, so my emissions are less. I admit I'm a little tempted by Ryobi. The "blue" Ryobi stuff I have still works perfectly with the modern "green" batteries, and Ryobi isn't doing the douchey thing by obsoleting their old stuff. But this is tools, not lawn equipment, and sadly the next replacement decision will have to be compared with "I'm too old for this crap so I'll just pay to have it done."
  14. I think I misread the order guide. It looks like Platinum has "Copilot 360 Active 2.0", and the others are just "Assist."
  15. Neat! I was going to say that the photo looks like the Pilot Plant, formerly (or maybe still) VOGO (Vehicle Operations General Offices), but also previously the home of VOME (VO Manufacturing Engineering), where I used to work before doing one of the Ford Land shuffles.