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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I had a Fusion Energi with 13 miles of winter range, and about 25 miles of summer range. I much, much prefer my Mach E with 180 to 300 miles of range for 99% of my use. Road trips can be irritating, but that's 1% of my use, in which case I take my ICE vehicle instead. And it's fun, and I can drive it like a car instead of a stupid Prius-like hypermiler wannabe that the Fusion Energi encouraged. The problem with the PHEV is I either babied the heck out of it to get the range, but as soon as I was on gas, I just said "screw it" and drove the hell out of it, not realizing anything in savings. If it had only had, say, double the electric-only range, it would have been great, but as is, I couldn't get to half my destinations in SE Michigan on electricity alone. Just eliminate the complexity of a second drive train and go all electric. Your gas car won't do 100% of what you need, and neither will your electric. That's why rentals exist.
  2. balthisar

    Rivian Amazon EV Delivery Van Shown

    These aren't the ones being built by TDM (Troy Design & Mfg., a fully-owned Ford subsidiary) in Plymouth, MI?
  3. I wonder if these Dec 1. retirements are really November 30th. The lump sum pension payout devalues significantly on December 1st, thanks to the Fed raising interest rates.
  4. While I don't listen to AM radio, we have the massive, huge AM 760 New Radio here in the heart of Ford corporate. I'm not sure how this can happen, or how much money can be saved. On the other hand, my ODB2 programmer has just come in, and I'm looking how to delete AM, FM, and Sirius from the menu choices. It would be nice to have that option in the menu.
  5. balthisar

    Joe Hinrichs gets a new job

    Same here. I met quite a few of our execs when we were in China, because it's a small community when you're there. Most of them are everyday Joes. Some of their wives, though, seem to go on power trips (but I never met Hinrichs' wife).
  6. balthisar

    Cargo Cover?

    You didn't find anything at https://accessories.ford.com/? My 2022 Expedition Max version is installed, and I paid for it with the points I got for buying the truck.
  7. "No one ever gets fired from Ford Motor Company" is what I was taught when I started working at Dearborn Engine and Fuel Tank in 2000. We don't have LDEP's anymore. There's some nebulous thing in "Career Navigator," but it certainly doesn't work like LDEP's did.
  8. I don't seem to have Alexa on my Mach E. I wonder if I need to await a software update for it. I did find Alexa on my Expedition that finally arrived. It seems there are two parts, though. "Alexa" per se, and some "Ford Streaming" thing that's about to expire. And when I, as a computer and tech literate guy, try to find out what all of this stuff is, I find out that Ford's website kind of sucks and doesn't make anything at all clear. Between "Hello Ford," "Hey Siri," and "Alexa," I won't be too sad if Alexa stops working when my Ford Streaming trial ends in a few days. In a world where everyone has cellular phones with unlimited data packages, I don't see who's paying $120 a year for Ford Streaming, plus whatever the AT&T Hot Spot service costs, plus cell phone. I guess it's people who just have more money than brains, or are just bad at personal financial management, or make so much that they don't worry about personal financial management. I'm a little peeved to find out that BlueCruise was "included" but am now told it's only a "trial"; it's the whole reason I stepped up to Platinum.
  9. I'd happily spend my time at any Pilot instead of that shady Walmart in Huber Heights, OH. I just hope they're putting enough in. Right now I don't have trouble finding spots, but as more and more vehicles are electrified, it becomes a PITA. Hell, I don't even like filling up my ICE vehicles at Costco because waiting in those lines suck, and they move pretty quickly given how many folks are waiting.
  10. That priority is only valid for other orders due to that dealer. Someone's 19 at another dealership might actually be built and shipped first.
  11. Banks do leases, too, as do dedicated leasing companies, and even the finance arms of competing manufacturers. You're not stuck with Ford Credit if you have to lease.
  12. balthisar

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Close. I downloaded PL215 and the order guide, figured out what I wanted, and told my dealer to order it. I got my order number back from them, and have been tracking on a Ford internal site since then. I know more about the vehicle then my dealer. And, I'm an idiot. My order number was on a document they email me, and it says "Preview Order," and there it is: the A-Plan pricing. 😳
  13. balthisar

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    If I had the PL215 document in effect at the time of the order, is it safe to say that "Invoice Less Holdback (3%) + 275 - ad-rate" would approximate the A Plan price for PL215, even though PL245 is active now? My understanding of the advertising rate is that it's regional, but when I put in random city ZIP codes into the A Plan pricing website, the A Plan pricing doesn't change, making me think it's pretty uniform, at least in Detroit, Houston, and NYC. Reverse engineering the current A Plan prices vs. PL245 seem to show that the advertising rate is currently 1.07731133817556% of MSRP (not counting delivery). Is delivery supposed to be price-protected? PL215 showed $1695 for my vehicle, and both the A Plan site and PL245 shows $1795 for my vehicle, but the window sticker is showing the PL215 rate for delivery, but all of the current PL245 pricing. Anyway, mostly it's curiosity, because my vehicle is still sitting at KTP waiting for something or other.
  14. Rim theft was common at my Army Reserve outpost. Yup, they'd come off the street onto a military installation with actual weapons stored there, and just take what they wanted. If I wanted to steal from MAP, I'd go to the body shop parking lot off Van Born. Much more privacy back there.
  15. balthisar

    A/Z Plan Cost

    It was sure as heck voluntary when I tried to buy a Mercury Marauder, and that's here in Michigan, where everyone accepts A Plan.