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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. It's going to be the next electric F-150. Easy enough.
  2. balthisar

    Detroit Ford Plant visit

    VOME. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere!
  3. balthisar

    Expedition production

    The only reason I stepped up to Platinum was for BlueCruise, and I lost the possibility of the high output engine as a result. For approximately $10,000, I sure as heck expect every bell and whistle, and a measly $300 isn't going to make me happy.
  4. balthisar

    Detroit Ford Plant visit

    What are you guys calling skids? The thing we call skids are used everywhere. In body, we transfer from pallets to skids before sending units to Paint.
  5. I get that; I assumed they requested it, though. I don't think there's anyone in scheduling looking for my name to do me any favors. Bonus: Visibility says I'm in production, and my date is moved ahead. So, can't wait!
  6. By way of exemplifying this, I've got a priority 01 order on my 2022 (seriously), and a mid-October order date. I've seen my build date get pushed back from MP1 in February to April 3 (currently). I expect it to get pushed back again. My dealer is receiving stock orders ahead of me, though! It's nothing nefarious, though -- they're simply not Platinum. Once we can build massage seats with auto stop-stop again, I suppose mine will be the first Platinum that hits my dealership. (I'm afraid to ask why they requested Priority 01, though. I don't want them to think they made a mistake and change it.)
  7. balthisar

    Detroit Ford Plant visit

    The Rouge Tour is part of the Henry Ford. There's an actual visitor center at the Rouge that's part of this. My point is, don't think of it as "Ford offers tours to the public," but rather, "The Henry Ford works with Ford to let the museum have access to the Rouge." The Henry Ford is a separate organization from Ford Motor Company.
  8. balthisar

    Black out packages

    I would delete moonroofs and glass roofs off of every car I've ever had if it would let me. Only my Mustang didn't have a stupid glass roof, but that's only because it was convertible.
  9. balthisar

    Ford Retail Order Tracking Website Announcement

    If you provide the dealer name and your last name, the person looking into Vehicle Visibility can download a full list of every vehicle for that dealer ("generate retail report"), no VIN or order number needed. It's nice to know the dealer code, but those can be looked up, too. Of course that's all in theory; if the guy volunteering his access doesn't want to sift through long retail reports for you, then you'll need to follow his rules.
  10. balthisar

    Dealer adding non-optional options

    Remind them that if they try to sell the vehicle out from under you, then they are abusing the allocation system and are subject to retribution from Ford. This is assuming that this is an actual order with your name attached to it. The rules indicate somewhere that the customer has to agree to options. If they'd tried this shit when you ordered your vehicle, then fine, you could have walked away. At this point, though, you have a valid agreement, and they're certainly acting like they want to commit allocation fraud against Ford.
  11. balthisar

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    There are a lot of us that are are Plan users, though, so negotiation with a dealer who has agreed to accept Plans is moot; discussion of price protection is certainly not out of scope for us.
  12. balthisar

    Kentucky Truck Plant Question

    OKTB was only recently achieved, so at least the built units will have started moving out already. I don't even have a window sticker, and my build date keeps slipping.
  13. balthisar

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    If I look in Vehicle Visibility, it shows the Price Level that applied when I ordered my vehicle. Every, single, little change is available in Visibility, so I'm assuming that if I weren't price protected, my Price Level would change in Visibility, right?
  14. balthisar

    Cobra available for "quit"

    Yeah, good point if you've met your $7000 or whatever. COBRA is a continuation rather than a new policy, so the premium for a few months are likely to be less than meeting a new high deductible on the exchange.
  15. balthisar

    Cobra available for "quit"

    Yes, COBRA is available. This is a life change, and without income, you might be better off with your state's exchange. COBRA is expensive.