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    2022 F350 XLT

    Thanks. It sounds lost. So far away from Vancouver BC for Dec 4 delivery. 🙁
  2. I think that's pretty standard. Most traditional manufacturers don't move or change drastically. Plans are methodically thought out, investing in research, trends, and analytics. Newer companies tend to disrupt the status quo, make bold moves but often don't have the funds to take them further. These companies are the ones you see on crowdfunding sites and pitching to those guys on dragon's den and private ventures who take a huge slice of revenues for providing 'small' investments in the company. Ford definitely will play both sides and ramp up certain products lines so long as its profitable
  3. Thanks. Our salesman actually mentioned that this morning. Also said our truck was somewhere in Minnesota. Sounded like Humbold CTRS or something like that. With BNS Rail. Couldn't find and rail hub centre like that on the BNS rail map
  4. Ford Username

    Canadian orders

    Only 30mins away from the flooding, far enough but we have another atmospheric weather trough coming in again. Hopefully the flood gates will be completely repaired. If you went through and built your truck with the sales manager, double check everything linked to the VIN to ensure it matches once you get it. 7 mths for a Lariat...hopefully no AS?
  5. Yes. That is what I noticed on the XLT but it doesn't give me any comfort with Ford salesmen not knowing anything about this order system. Is the center stack normally listed on a window sticker?
  6. I really hope so. The truck also was supposed to get the 7.3l gas engine but became 6.2l. Nothing but trouble with this order
  7. Ford Username

    2022 F350 XLT

    A823 1FT8W3D62NEC80239 Railcar # BNSF302704 Tracking pls. Ty
  8. So you're saying ford fucked up if I go to the ford order tracking tool and enter my vin and order number and check
  9. Aren't the 2022 XLT SDs supposed to have 8" LCD Screens. I only have SYNC 3. My window sticker doesn't say anything about the screen size but the Ford build states it is a 8" screen but when I go to the Ford Order tracking tool it says 4.2"?
  10. Ford Username

    Ford moves to end chip shortage

    I'll wait until there's a binding agreement before I applaud. Don't hold your breathe. Deals like this take a while
  11. Ford Username

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Sorry. I was looking for the actual dollar price because my base price was $10k higher without options at $63k but I noticed that selecting the chassis type and engine started to up the price. To date, I still can't replicate my pricing through the ford build site but my final price actually is lower than my existing price by $2k so I'm not rocking the boat. 😬
  12. Yeah...but when the dealership and salesperson are complete morons... Ford should really implement independent sales network standards. At least a consumer complaint division on dealerships that flag them for retraining. If Corporate employees have to go through annual training ,why shouldn't they? I know it's a lot to ask for. This is more rhetorical 🤔
  13. True. Surveys have mentioned that often there is no access to ev charging stations (see https://www.anthropocenemagazine.org/2021/04/what-makes-people-disloyal-to-their-electric-vehicles/?gclid=CjwKCAiA1uKMBhAGEiwAxzvX93AOp-oHgZ1HZZHIZb1KVrLiaZtU0Gss-s8hgLrl7YkRAlvkvlLh7xoC-_gQAvD_BwE) Even so, most built rental stocks in many areas were built prior to EV and it's often cost preventative to install such stations where parking has already been fully allocated for required visitors and disabled parking stalls. Other issues are the total electrical component to the building where its becomes so cost prohibited especially if your area has rental increase restrictions due to affordability etc. Even my brand new condo had barely enough visitor parking stalls for a 64 unit building (5 stall) which included disability stalls. The developer installed level 1 outlets throughout the parkade, toting it to City council as EV friendly but they left the strata corporation to deal with the aftermath of not being able to separate billing usage of electricity because they outlets were not separately metered nor separated from the main building electrical account. That meant over $50k minimum to rewire 3 levels of concrete parking to try to equally allocate electricity usage from ev owners and non ev users and those that basically used that outlet for non vehicle charging (ie vacuuming their car). It was a nightmare. Our renter said at lvl 1, it only charged up to 45% of his new tesla using 24hrs of electricity. We dumped the condo as we were going to be charged a flat fee of $50/mth for his usage but where we are, rent increases are restricted to 1.4%.
  14. Next to go....power steering. 😆🤣 Bringing the 1980s back to you as part of their retro style package, includes manual window rollers... lol